OPEX Team Power in Motion Unites to Compete

OPEX Team Power in Motion Unites to Compete

Pursuing Their Dreams.

OPEX Athletes Hayley Owen, Devin Thaut, Josh Petlowany and Leslie Gray have combined their skills and ambitions toward one goal: competing in the 2018 CrossFit Games. This alliance of over a year in the making has lifted them to new heights and given them the chance to fulfill that dream after an excellent performance in the pre-qualifying phase of the CrossFit competitive season, the CrossFit Open.

“Competing as an individual is a bit different, you only have yourself, but when you have three people relying on you, it makes you dig deeper.” – Devin Thaut

Despite the team members being more accustomed to individual competition, they all have acclimated and adapted quite well to working together as a team. In fact, it’s only made them stronger and more sure of their own unique capabilities.

“When one person is in their head or struggling, there’s always someone there to encourage us and pick us up when we are down.” – Leslie Gray

Being on a team may be a new concept for these individual athletes, they are no strangers to CrossFit Competition. All of them have spent the better part of five years in dedication to improving their own athletic capacity in the Sport of Fitness with OPEX HQ Coach Mike Lee. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, much of the training leading up to the CrossFit Open was individually based. After they each successfully completed the CrossFit Open, the attention has returned back to team-based training, including training sessions involving the WORM. With their combined strength and years of training volume and experience, Team Power in Motion CrossFit poses a serious threat to the other competitors in the South Regional.

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