OPEX Model of Fitness

OPEX Model of Fitness

16 Clients- 2 Coaches- 90 Minutes.

The proliferation of fitness to the masses came at the same time as the advent of the internet.

Everyone and their kid was in the game to be out ahead of all others in that messaging.

At the same time I was picking up what was being thrown out there. Interested in all it had to offer.

At some point in time though what I was doing, which was individualized design for each client, was being questioned.

There was a “new way” to scale it.

Since 1999 I have been providing a detailed program per client.


It just works for me.  It works for the coach.  It works for a business.

At some point, this model was vilified.  Propaganda was creating a new style and method of fitness delivery.

The only way this new method was to become rampantly popular was through intense group fitness.  As it was the only way it was to be scaled.

Even the word “scaling” is all about generalizing.  Making it “do-able” for everyone.

Well that time has come and gone and we are still doing the model of one coach to client, one coach to many clients.

Happy life, happy client, happy business.

[there are always challenges to create growth but happiness is apparent]

I am sure at one point in your life you were told things HAD to be this way or that way.

And are you a follower of those?  Like myself I was, and then quickly came back to my roots of what works for me and the client.

Screams of “its hard work” were made.  To that I say – then keep it as your hobby and remain a fitness instructor – you’re not a coach or business owner.

Screams of “people need to be together” were made.  To that I say – I NEVER saw people talking to one another during an intense group workout.

Screams of “it’s not popular” were made.  To that I say – who dictates HOW fitness is done – you or the client? LEAD! You are the coach!

Everyone has different reasons for WHY they do WHAT they do.

The movement of excellence in design is coming as the time is up for the other options.

The market wants more answers to the questions:

– How are you better than them?

– How does this connect with my long term goals in fitness?

– What will you do if I cannot do this movement?

– What is your assessment that you use to dictate what program I need to do?

– What is your retention of your clients after 2 years?

– What is the growth model for your coaches? Are they full time? Are they part time? Are they volunteers?

The future fitness goer will want a “place to train”.

It is where they will be met with a physical challenge specifically designed FOR them.

And they will do it AROUND other people.

At the same time.


Fitness Assessments for New Clients