OPEX Condesa: A 40% Increase in Revenue

OPEX Condesa: A 40% Increase in Revenue

OPEX Condesa and the gyms license program

The Story of OPEX Condesa and How You Can See Similar Growth

Today OPEX Condesa is one of the busiest gyms in Mexico City with over 165 clients using their floor space daily. They have a 95% client retention rate, are increasing yearly revenue by 40%, and are able to pay their coaches more than ever before. But to understand how OPEX Condesa grew to become such a success we need to look at how the gym’s owner, Inaki Roza, pivoted the gym from group classes to personalized fitness with the OPEX Gyms License Program.

Corporate Career to Functional Fitness

Inaki has always had a strong business sense, along with a desire to teach. After graduating with his master’s degree in engineering, he jumped straight into the corporate hustle. While he was quite successful there was still something missing, so he left his job and started his own retail business. It wasn’t long until Inaki was introduced to the functional fitness world and began to attend Crossfit classes in his friend’s backyard in 2009. Inaki immediately fell in love and became obsessed with mixing his background of competitive gymnastics and passion for teaching. Being the businessman he was, it wasn’t long before he opened his own affiliate gym behind one of his retail stores.

Inaki quickly found success with his gym and began growing his client base. He loved interacting with the clients on the floor and analyzing their movements. However, Inaki knew the workout of the day and the associated scalings were not meeting their needs.

Personalized Fitness: The Way of The Future

In the search to optimize his clients’ movement, Inaki began to create training programs specifically designed for their needs. In 2012 he realized the efficacy of personalized fitness and enrolled into the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). As he started his CCP journey he quickly realized how solid the principles of individual design within CCP were and knew this way of the future. Upon completion, Inaki began to implement the principles taught in CCP at his current facility with a handful of clients. The stark contrast of a handful of individual design clients situated next to rapidly growing group classes brought Inaki to the conclusion that there must be a better medium to deliver individually designed programs.

Making Sense of It

Inaki found this better way in 2017. During a conversation with OPEX CEO Jim Crowell, Inaki learned about the OPEX Gyms License Program and immediately was sold. Soon after joining Accelerator, the digital course within the license program, Inaki realized the full potential of personalized fitness gyms. “If we put all of our energy into this [the Gyms License Program] . . .  we could have a solid community of very happy clients doing their own training programs, seeing results, not getting hurt, and fulfilling coaches.” said Inaki. Through the process of Accelerator, Inaki learned the OPEX Gyms business model, standard operating procedures, and brand marketing tactics. “It takes everything you’ve heard in business marketing and actually makes sense of it . . .” said Inaki.

Inaki transitioned to a personalized fitness facility at the beginning of 2018 and reopened as OPEX Condesa. The new facility initially opened with 60 clients and quickly grew to 180. The transition to an OPEX Gym increased revenue by 40% when compared to Inaki’s first facility. This revenue is also more evenly spread out through the new business. The coaches of OPEX Condesa are making more money than they were before and are building their own sustainable careers.

Results Equal Retention

Client retention is also at an all-time high of 95%. Inaki attributes this to the switch to personalized fitness and to clients seeing more results “clients are more fulfilled, accountable, committed, and seeing results . . . in our business there is no way to have a client renew a contract if they are not seeing results”

When asked about the benefits of the OPEX Gym License Program Inaki is straight forward. “If you are in the group class business look into the future . . . is what you are doing now sustainable for the next 10 years? Because from experience I know that an OPEX Gym is sustainable and fulfilling and I’ve been in the group class business.”

The OPEX Gyms License Program is a way out of the group class structure, offering coaches an opportunity to create a sustainable business model by providing clients with individually designed programs. Build something for your future and create results for your clients with the OPEX Gyms License Program.  


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