Meghan Sweet

Meghan is a three time Crossfit regional competitor and a full-time athlete and coach at OPEX. Growing up playing soccer, she discovered early on her passion for training and performance. Her curiosity for fitness began while working at Gold’s Gym in high school where she personally tested many types of training and nutrition programs to reach potential in fitness.

During her career as a marketing manager for a large corporation, she was introduced to Crossfit which opened up her mind to a new way of approaching fitness that was fun. Soon after she went on to become a coach receiving several Crossfit and OPEX CCP Coaching Certifications. Eventually she left her corporate job and became the general manager at her gym where she shared her passion for the sport and wellness of body, mind and spirit by coaching hundreds of people to achieve their personal goals.

Meghan discovered the OPEX Big Dawg blog in her quest for a higher level training program for the sport of fitness. After joining the community, she enrolled in the OPEX CCP program and became an exclusive client. Experiencing such great results in her own performance, she joined to OPEX team and is committed to getting other results through individualized coaching.  Contact Meghan to get started on your journey.

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