Supporting Your Athletes

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Supporting Your Athletes

When you hear the phrase “support your clients”, what thoughts come to mind?

Guidance? Listening? Cheerleading?

Often times ‘support’ can get pinned as a ‘soft-around-the-edges’ kind of term.

However, I beg to differ.

Support isn’t just about cheerleading.  It is about helping somebody build a stronger belief and accountability in themselves.

As coaches, it is imperative that we recognize this.   

Helping athletes define their own personal journeys is why I truly love to coach.  Supporting an athlete’s journey is rewarding as the athlete develops the confidence and awareness of their own potential to go after their highest values not only in fitness and in life.

Developing your athletes’ confidence and awareness, around their own thoughts and actions, can be done through a simple detached coaching method, as follows:

  • Keep EMOTION out of the PLAN. Training and Coaching is not (and should not be) emotional. The more I coach, the more I realize how emotions get in the way of the plan.  Putting a program together is logical and practical not emotional.  The best athletes don’t respond to cheerleading, they already are driven enough, they respond to good leadership and trust.
  • Be Logical. Developing a plan and coaching is logical, cheerleading is emotional. There is a fine balance between both that allows for a coach/athlete relationship to work for the embitterment of the athlete.  Too much emotion (aka cheerleading) doesn’t lead to mentally strong athletes.  Athletes that look for the emotional cries, in my opinion, are in their sport for the wrong reason.  Great Athletes are NOT developed by the loudest coach. Great athletes are driven internally and look for their coach to lay down the MOST logical way to achieve their goal.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? Not always.

Separate emotion from the plan, and keep a clear head in your interactions and coaching up of your athletes.

Support goes much further than cheering your athletes and clients on…be strong.

– Coach Robin Lyons


[tabby title=”Function”]

Function 3/27/15

A. KB front rack walking lunge – 4×6-8/steps – rest 2 min
B. SA DB row – 4×6-8/arm – rest 30 sec btwn sides
For time
200 Single unders
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
KBS – 55/35#
Pushups – hand-release
200 Single unders

[tabby title=”Being”]

Being 3/27/15

Open 15.5
20mins Z1 your choice

[tabby title=”Will”]

Will 3/27/15

AD 30 sec @increasing % effort per set
AD slow spin 30 sec
x 24
– increasing effort every 8 sets
EASY cool down and mobility specific

A. SJ – build to a tough single in 10 min
– then take 85% of A and complete 3 more singles at that weight; rest 2-3 min
3 RFT – increasing effort per round:
9 DL – 225#
9 bar facing burpees
18 CTB pull ups


FT @MAX effort:
15 cal AD
12 bjo – 30″
9 S2OH – 155#

[tabby title=”She”]

She 3/27/15

GDS prep – Follow specifics on the open prep guide
A. HS – build to 85% in 6 sets
B. Emom 8 min – PC&J x 1 – increasing from 60%, small build, FEEL fast and powerful
Open 15.5
20 min Z1 cool down flush
Fitness Assessments for New Clients