Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

“When you are truly inspired by something you cannot fail, because you don’t give up. You might fall, maybe even several times, but you will get back up again. If you fall and do not get back up, what do you call that?

That is a gift, because your unwillingness to get up again is letting you know that what you are going after isn’t really important to you.  You don’t give up on the things that truly matter to you. You only give up on the things that don’t”.

–Dr. John Demartini

Three down and two to go in the opens and I had a coach approach me about a client who wanted to give up part way through.  The client wasn’t ranking where they had tricked themselves into thinking they should be and they didn’t want to continue.  This baffled the coach b/c they were under the impression that this client wanted to compete hard.  Under the microscope, it was a different story.  The client wasn’t competing for the sake of competition alone, full effort or even the results.

They were competing for what they thought the results would give them.

The client was competing for the sense of importance that would come from a high rank in the opens.  When that wasn’t panning out, he didn’t feel important enough and he wanted to move onto the next endeavor that he thought would give him that feeling.  This shift in the client, and subsequently the coach, was a good opportunity to get really real–not always comfortable.  But the benefit here is that it released so much frustration on the part of the coach feeling like he had failed his client.  The competition didn’t actually matter to this client.  Feeling important did, and that was not something the coach could give him.

This point in the opens is always interesting.  Some people fall down, some get back up and some don’t.  In any case, you can learn a lot about your athletes and yourself if you are willing to lay the cards on the table.

Sharon Prete
CCP Life Coaching Co-Conductor

Function 3/18/15

Rest Day

Being 3/18/15

A. Back squat 2×3 70% of 1rm; rest 2mins
B. Back squat 2×2 80% of 1rm; rest 2mins
C. Back squat 2×2; build from 80% rest 2mins
21, 15, 9 tough effort
GHD situp
DL 155/105#
10mins 85% aero
Row 20cals
AD 20cals
50 single unders
FLR on floor 20sec
10mins Z1 your choice

Will 3/18/15

RTW 45 min  – your choice on movements, all non eccentric and EASY pace
A. 5 RM – HS in 15 min
B. BS – build to ONE heavy set of 4
3 RFT:
50m HS walk
15 GH sit up

Row 500m
50 BB thrusters
30 CTB pull ups

She 3/18/15

A. Emom 8 min – Thruster x 1 – building sets, last two singles tough
General, dynamic and specific prep 10-15 min
6 min amrap:
25 DL – 155#
50 WB – 14#
100 DU
21 row cals
15 burpee over erg
9 cal AD

Fitness Assessments for New Clients