Longevity and Health vs. Performance

Longevity and Health vs. Performance

The Mind Muscle Project EP 238: James FitzGerald

On Episode 238 of The Mind Muscle Project, James FitzGerald joined the hosts to discuss longevity and health vs. performance and how fitness methodologies change over time. Listen to the full episode of the podcast here and learn more about James here.

Longevity and Health vs. Performance

Raph and Lachy kick off the podcast with the very topical question of group fitness classes vs. the individual design model. James, a proponent of individual design, highlights that the main difference is autonomy. Individual design gives clients programs created specifically for them with the goal of long term health “our goal is to create a gym that our clients can use forever” added James. Group fitness focuses on delivering the cortisol hit clients are looking for and adds to the already short half-life of that methodology. The podcast is a great reminder of how coaches have to constantly and critically evaluate current fitness methodologies in order to change the paradigm. James is supporting this idea and is arming coaches with the tools to question the norm and deliver individual design programs through the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP).  

As James says during the podcast fitness coaching is not that complex. Once a coach has a clear idea of how many times a week the client will exercise, what they need to do during those days, and how it moves the client towards their goals, they are set. These are the skills taught in the OPEX System of Coaching, a personalized fitness methodology. Get an introduction to the OPEX System of Coaching and begin questioning the norm with the Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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