I Know What You Learned Last Summer

I Know What You Learned Last Summer

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The Four Seasons of Learning as a Coach

Fall typically represents the beginning of a period of learning in classrooms around the world. Even coaches far removed from school hallways experience this season in some fashion.


Because, continuing your education is critical to your success as a coach.

However, simply memorizing information is not enough. The best coaches are not only taking certification classes, they are applying what they learn. This application of knowledge represents true mastery of learned material, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Successful “learning” is only complete once you have gone through four critical seasons or stages.

Stage 1: Doing

“Doing” means exactly what it implies. By attending certification courses you are in the initial stage of learning, which is “doing”.

This season is fundamental to the other three steps, but it’s not a stage you should spend copious amounts of time in. People who spend too much time “doing” become burned out and lose their initial passion for the material or knowledge they are attempting to master.

Stage 2: Reflecting

After the stage of “doing”, comes reflection. “Reflecting” is a transitory stage in which you look back and learn from the past. There are a number of different tools one can use during this reflection stage, one of which includes writing inside a journal.  There is no right or wrong way to journal, all this stage requires is reflection on the knowledge learned or actions taken during the “doing” stage.

Stage 3: Conceptualizing

This is the stage in which ideas are created from one’s reflections based on the learning achieved during the stage of “doing”. Now is the time to utilize your knowledge to create something tangible.

Think of conceptualization as a brain storming session with yourself. Think of ways to practically apply what you have learned.

Stage 4: Devising

Once you have conceptualized how to utilize what you have learned, it’s real application time. The devising stage is when you create a series of goals for the application of the material learned and a timeline to achieving them.

Your goals and objectives live within the devising stage. It’s in the devising stage that you transform things from your imagination into tangible items

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