EC Spotlight; Anthony Kopp

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EC Spotlight; Anthony Kopp

Anthony Kopp would describe himself as a ‘cherry-picker’ prior to becoming an Exclusive Coaching client with OPEX a little over 5-months ago.

“For several years, I wrote (and made up) my own workouts with a few other people from my gym. Once I realized I was not hitting my weaknesses though, I then thought an online program would help me do that, so I started following CompWOD. I made progress for a while but ended up stalling out after a few months. Not knowing enough about recovery, I tried to push harder and ended up with a major back injury,” Anthony said.

Anthony’s injury shook him up and challenged him to question if there was perhaps a ‘better way’ to train. A hockey player growing up and self-professed gym rat, once his high-school career ended, the 23-year-old always valued working hard and pushing himself, but began to realize that there was more to training than just ‘going hard.’

As he recovered from his back injury, he decided to check in with the avatar Being workouts on OPEX’s old Big Dawgs blog, and realize that OPEX seemed to offer a different philosophy than what many other blogs and programmers did. Not long into following the basic online templates, he decided an individualized program is exactly what he needed.

“The biggest reason I started with OPEX is because everything they do is research and evidence based. I always want to know the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind the training (and that’s what they answer). This fit with my thought process much better than a lot of other programs. Also, a friend of mine was already an Exclusive Coaching client at the time and I saw how much progress he had been making on an individualized program,” Anthony said.

Anthony partnered under the guidance of Coach Matt Springer, and said he has not looked back since.

“When I started with Matt five months ago, I was not able to complete the 50 strict HSPU test (It took me 25-minutes to do 23). After 3 months I was able to complete all 50 in about 17 minutes,” Anthony said.

He also added a 300 lb. power clean to his PR list and recently completed 30 muscle ups for time in 5:30, compared to his old time of 11-minutes.

“Matt has taught me everything is a process, a continuum. There is a reason behind the ‘madness’ of the things he has me do,” Anthony said.

Anthony said he’s also received an education in knowing how his body best works and functions:

“I have learned how important nutrient intake and timing is. When I started with OPEX I weighed 230 lbs and was about 14% body fat. I am now 205 lbs and 8%. I was not eating enough leafy greens and my energy levels were low in the afternoon. I have added more vegetables and changed when I eat during the day and have never felt better. Energy levels are high all day, I am sleeping consistently every night and recovering faster. I have also learned a lot about competition nutrition and the best way to eat pre and post workout,” Anthony said.

Why should someone—both athletes and ‘every day’ clients consider OPEX’s Exclusive Coaching program? What would they get out of it?

“If your goal is to be an athlete or just live a healthier life, OPEX has the knowledge to help you reach your goals. Matt has also been super helpful as a life coach. He has helped me dig into why I want to compete in fitness, as well as my ‘whys’ for things outside the gym, like wanting to go to chiropractic school instead of stay on the engineering route (my undergrad degree),” Anthony said.

If you’re interested in Exclusive Coaching please contact Erin at and she will be happy to answer your questions!

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