5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer


July is definitely here in Scottsdale.

The temps are in the 100s without fail, and we are more than thankful for air condition during training sessions.

There’s something about summer though, that despite the hot temperature, it’s refreshing:

  • A change in pace
  • Slowing down, or re-calibrating a busy go-go-go schedule
  • Vacations and days off just…because

That being said however, while summer is certainly a refreshing time

[typically correlated with a laissez-faire (“let it be”) vibe]…that doesn’t mean that you have to completely put life, or your business,  on hold.

(And, amidst everyone else’s ‘checked out’ attitudes it can be very easy to do!)

The gym business in particular is a funny and peculiar case during the summer months.

While ‘beach bodies’ are highly touted and coveted throughout the year…the gym is seemingly a bit more dead, or sporadic, in the summer.

Members and people, in general, are:

  • On vacation
  • Not wanting to commit to anything right now
  • Trying to figure out what their routine will be come the fall
  • In and out, one week here, one week there
  • Off schedule (show up at noon one day…8 am the next…skip the next, etc.)

Unlike the months of January and February, or even September and October, when ‘routine’ is most definitely in the mix…the summer months can seemingly reflect that same holiday vibe during the months of November and December for the regular gym folk, and even…yourself.


It can be easy to check out.


That is until you read this post now…


Instead, why not use the summer months (or at least what’s left of this summer) to take a vacation from the daily grind and never ending to-do list (that comes with more routine and structure) to refresh your business, your education and your own coaching process?!


In other words: Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation from your business. If anything, there is NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT to bring some refreshment, restructure, refinement and excitement to your own business, your offerings and knowledge.


Here are a few ideas to make the most out of this unstructured time:

Read a book (or 2 or 3).

Amazon Prime is our best friend! One click and two days later, you have a new discounted book in your hands to learn and grow from. Reach for titles within coaching, marketing, business, entrepreneurship, fitness, health, nutrition. Not too skilled or savvy in one area? Learn! Learning is an ongoing journey that is truly never satisfied. Don’t like to read? Try Amazon Audible—while you train…while you drive…while you wait in the airport…Knowledge IS power, and your clients will thankyou and notice the value you bring to them and your business the more well-versed you are! Some of our favorite titles right now? “Remarkable”, “The Science and Practice of Strength Training’,“Do It Marketing!” “Platform” and even “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”)

Attend a Seminar.
Just like reading a book is valuable…attending a seminar or workshop has equal merit! OPEX’s Program Design Course is happening the weekend before the Games (July 18-20) at Team CrossFit Academy, as well as our Life Coaching and Nutrition Courses (August 14-17 at BK Athletics in Fairfield, Connecticut). Greg Everett’s Catalyst Athletics team is hosting an Oly Lifting seminar in Toronto August 1-2, and Tony Robbins (motivation, success leader) is hosting an event in Chicago this month, July 16-19 , and next month in San Diego (August 21-24) The sky is the limit. Check out the websites of leaders and coaches you admire and connect.

Connect 1:1.
Speaking of connecting…is there a role model within the fitness or business realms you admire? If so…why not reach out? Pick their brain. Introduce yourself. Get to know them. Request a phone/Skype coaching session yourself, or simple LinkedIn, or e-mail exchange. Tell them you admire them…and ask them the questions you’d like to know. Let them know how much you respect their work, or the influence their work has had in your own life. Very cool.

Refine the Process.
Summer is a GREAT time to take a step back and evaluate the methods you go about getting clients, engaging with clients, assessing and consulting with clients, following up with clients. Make a list of what your process for running your business and working with clients currently looks like, reflect and evaluate areas you believe you could improve…and begin to brainstorm what new policies, procedures and implementation could look like.

Learn a New Skill.

output_YvZo64 (1)

You don’t just have to confine learning to intellect…what skills, hobbies or talents do you want to develop to further yourself as a coach or individual? Perhaps it is being able to cue and coach the snatch ‘better’? Mastering unbroken muscle ups yourself? Holding a planche for 5-minutes? Learning how to say ‘no’? Cook your own bone broth and make your own fermented veggies? Again think big here… outside the box of what you already know how to do—and some skills you’d like to add to your coaching and business tool belt. Then…get to work!

In conclusion, the summer is not a time to vacation from your business…it’s a time to learn, grow, and refresh so come August and September, your ‘regulars’ and ‘routine-oriented’ members won’t know what hit them (except greatness).  But, just because you are learning and growing doesn’t mean that you are recharging the batteries a bit as well.  You will find that when  you are learning and progressing yourself and your business that you feel more energized than ever before.  Take the time.  It will pay dividends in the long run


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