James FitzGerald’s Best Podcasts

James FitzGerald’s Best Podcasts

Catch Up On All of James FitzGerald’s Podcast Appearances

If you know James FitzGerald, you know his mission in life is to bring honor back to the coaching profession, to help coaches find career success, longevity, and fulfillment. You also know that he is fueled by having conversations that challenge the status quo and cause listeners to pause, reflect, and evaluate their thoughts on fitness, culture, and purpose. Over the last year, James has made time to engage and deliver true value one podcast at a time. We thought you’d appreciate a round up of his podcast appearances in one spot. So pick a podcast, throw on those headphones and learn from the industry-leading program design expert himself.

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James’ Podcast Appearances:

Muscle Intelligence with Ben Pakulski: The art and science of fitness coaching with OPEX founder James FitzGerald

Smith Vibes Podcast: Ep 26 James Fitzgerald: The master of leading by example: an uncomfortable truth.

Shrugged Collective: Fixing The Broken Fitness System With OPEX Founder James FitzGerald — Barbell Shrugged #381

Boom Boom: Ep. 253: James Fitzgerald of OPEX – Fitness Explained

Bulletproof: James Fitzgerald: Optimum Performance Training – #6

Todd Neif’s Show: James FitzGerald

WODcast Podcast: 356 The Most of The OG Crossfit Games, James FitzGerald

EO3 Fitness: Wake Up!! with James FitzGerald and Lessons in Programming, How to Think, and Going All In!!

The Movement Fix: Two Paths of Fitness; with James FitzGerald

Breaking Muscle: Coaching The Coaches With James Fitzgerald, Ep 8

Black Flag Athletics: EP 045 – Power of Physical Expression with James Fitzgerald of OPEX Fitness

Programming For Crossfit With OPEX Fitness’ James FitzGerald – The Barbell Life 211

The Big Dawgs Podcast: Ep. 11 | Founder of OPEX, James “OPT” FitzGerald, talks about CrossFit

The Twin Studies Podcast: EP 036 – James FitzGerald – The Past, Present & Future of CrossFit

The Get Better Project: James FitzGerald of OPEX – CrossFit Games Athlete & Coach – Ep. 17

Compete Every Day Podcast Episode 22: James Fitzgerald, OPEX

Two Brain Business: OPEX Fitness with Jim Crowell and James FitzGerald

The Too Fit Podcast: Episode 31 – James “OPT” FitzGerald: Optimum Performance Training and the Evolution of Fitness

The Doc and Joc Podcast Episode 138: James FitzGerald of OPEX

The Breaking Muscle Podcast: Coaching the Coaches with James Fitzgerald, Ep 8

The Barbell Life – 211 – Programming for CrossFit with OPEX Fitness’s James Fitzgerald

Obstacle Dominator: Episode 49: Crossfit Games Winner James FitzGerald On How to Plan Your Obstacle Course Training

The Future of Fitness Podcast: The Future of Youth Fitness – James FitzGerald & Jeff Martin

Beyond the BarBell: Founder of OPEX Fitness and 2007 CrossFit Games Winner

Resist Average Academy: Ep 25: The Evolution Of Fitness, Coaching and Life With CrossFit Games Champion James FitzGerald

The Iron Culture Podcast: Changing the Face of CrossFit

The Shrugged Collective: Real Chalk  — Unsustainable Fast-track Model w/ James Fitzgerald  — 32

The Box Pro Mag Episode 18: The Open and Beyond with James Fitzgerald

Feed Me Fuel Me Podcast: EP.098 | James FitzGerald – The Practice of Sustainability

Squad Room Podcast Ep 39: CrossFit Games Winner and OPEX Founder James FitzGerald

Uncharted Performance #88: Passionately Curious with James Fitzgerald of OPEX Fitness

How to Find the Right Trainer with James Fitzgerald: Harder to Kill Radio 050

Move Skill Podcast #27

Ep 238 – Longevity/Health vs Performance, the pros and cons of each method with James Fitzgerald


Episode #71: James Fitzgerald From OPEX Talks The Art of Athleticism

Strength Mattes: CrossFit Done My Way

The Brute Strength Podcast: Coaching Coaches: The Unofficial Guide To Mastery

AthleteHack Podcast #1 James ‘OPEX’ Fitzgerald

Amplify Podcast: James FitzGerald: Creator, Technician, and Consummate Learner

Conquer Athlete: The Future of Competitive Functional Fitness with James FitzGerald

Base Training Podcast: The Three Levels of Clients

The Smith Vibes Podcast: Programming Behavior Change

“Leaving Your Mark” ft James FitzGerald

James FitzGerald on Winning the CrossFit Games, Theoretical Development of an Athlete and Competing

The Big Dawg’s Podcast:

James has recently taken over the Big Dawg’s podcast, here are some of his recent episodes:

Ep. 25 | Masters’ Competitive Fitness Pt.2

Ep. 24 | Masters’ Competitive Fitness Pt. 1

Ep. 23 | Powerlifting and Aerobic Training go together like PB&J

Ep. 22 | Mixed Modal the sport vs. Mixed Modal for life

Ep. 21 | Post Natal Competitive Fitness

Ep. 20 | What does ‘Row 30/30 x 4’ mean?

Ep. 19 | AMSI: Fitness for all, masters and kids alike!

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