Introducing Storefronts for CoachRx

Introducing Storefronts for CoachRx

Whether you coach individuals or groups, in-person or remotely, it’s essential that your software doesn’t stop at just helping you design great programs. It also must make it easy for you to sell them.

CoachRx Storefronts

What are Storefront Pages?

Designing a great program is the easy part. Selling it is a whole other battle…

This is where the Business Suite feature of CoachRx comes in. It allows you to build a storefront right on the platform, which acts as a hub for everything you sell. 

As well as showcasing custom sales pages for each product, organizations and individual coaches can build Storefronts that display:gyms salespage

  • About/Bio
  • Coaching staff (and individual coach pages)
  • FAQs
  • Testimonials
  • Contact information
  • Brand images and videosSTART YOUR FREE TRIAL

The ultimate goal with Storefront Pages is to make sales a lot more hands off and effective for you, and easier for the customer to purchase what you offer, which goes a long way in helping you increase your sales.

Switching to Storefront Pages means you can put all the products and services you offer—from t-shirts, to an intro consult, to six-months of individual design, nutrition coaching, templated programs, or supplements—right into your store in CoachRx for your existing and potential clients to see. So not only will they now be more aware of your offerings, but they can purchase everything on the app.

And for you, it means you can get rid of that clunky website you’re using right now to sell your products and services.

How to build your storefront

Whether you’re an organization or a self-employed, one-person show coach, creating your Storefront Pages couldn’t be simpler.

The process involves five simple steps:

Step 1: Start your free trial with CoachRx to become familiar with the app

Step 2: Connect with Stripe (a complete payment platform that integrates with CoachRx)

Step 3: Input the programs, subscriptions and products you offer

Step 4: Build your customizable Storefront Pages 

Step 5: Embed in your current site or share direct URLs

Want a deeper dive into Storefronts? Check out this seminar with OPEX CEO Carl Hardwick for a detailed, step-by-step technical explanation of all of the above steps.


Design Coach Scale

Simply put, there’s nothing else like Storefront Pages on the market today. 

Sure, there are apps that allow you to build a store, but not in the same app that allows you to build individualized programs, communicate with clients, do all your billing and payroll, and provide all the important metrics and data you need to monitor your business health and growth. 

Ultimately, the addition of Storefront Pages to CoachRx means you can now, not only design programs and coach clients, but also scale your coaching business. All in one convenient, time-saving, money-making place.



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