How to Create a Personal Fitness Plan - For Fitness Coaches

How to Create a Personal Fitness Plan - For Fitness Coaches

How To Create The Best Personal Fitness Plan

Before embarking on any journey you need a plan, a direction to guide you to the destination. A fitness journey is no different, you need a plan. Whether you want to hike into your 90s or squat double your bodyweight you need to plan out how you will achieve these goals.

This is where a coach comes in. As a coach, it is your job to create a fitness plan for your client with these end goals in mind. And no we are not talking about printing out the latest celebrity ab workout and hoping it aligns. We are talking about creating a successful and sustainable plan that takes information about where your client currently is and works with them to obtain their goals.

By collecting and using information about your client to make decisions you can personally create the best fitness program for each client. Learn how to obtain information about your client with this free coaching course on LearnRx.

How to Create a Personal Fitness Plan

Understand the client

Before you can create a fitness plan you need to understand your client. Understanding your client includes their physical abilities as well as their priorities. Truly knowing a client is key to a successful coach-client relationship.

Create a plan

Use your understanding of a client to craft a plan for their unique goals. When creating a plan keep in mind a client’s goals and break the plan up into periods. This will keep the client motivated and allow you to make sure the plan is working. Learn how to create a plan and periodize this plan with this free LearnRx course.

Re-evaluate the plan

Once a plan has been created you need to re-evaluate to ensure it is effectiveness. Client’s goals and lifestyles are subject to change over time, by re-evaluating you are able to adjust the plan as needed. A coach should use the same method they used to initially understand a client to re-evaluate.


Five Pillars of Professional Coaching

  • 1. Business of Coaching

    A coach must have a structure to lay the foundation for their fitness business. This structure will ensure a coach has clients to work with.

  • 2. Consultation

    After successfully bringing in the right clients, a coach must meet with their client regularly to understand who they are and establish goals for their program.

  • 3. Assessment

    A coach needs to conduct routine physical assessments to track progress and determine if their program is working.

  • 4. Program Design

    With a strong understanding of the client, the coach will have the information needed to design a long-term program for each individual client.

  • 5. Nourishment

    Once goals and a program are established, a coach must ensure they meet all their client’s needs, both inside and outside of the gym. The nourishment plan will support the individually designed program.

Fitness Assessments for New Clients