How Much Water Should Clients Drink?

How Much Water Should Clients Drink?

In this weeks Ask Me Anything (AMA) sneak peek, James FitzGerald, tackles the question of should clients only drink water when thirsty? These AMA sessions are exclusive content available to OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coaches, in which FitzGerald answers three questions submitted by our coaches, weekly.

Should Clients Only Drink When Thirsty?

The simple answer is no. If your clients are only drinking water when they are thirsty it may be too late as they are already dehydrated. This discussion stems from concern that if clients drink too much water they will suffer from hyponatremia (overhydration). While drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia, the amount required to trigger this is excessive.  A good starting point is to have clients drink half their body weight in ounces per day, to promote great mental acuity, detoxification, and blood flow. “Just be sensible and drink water, far more people have died from being dehydrated than overhydrated,” concludes James.

Ensuring your clients consume enough water is essential to their health and longevity. OPEX Coaches include hydration, along with other lifestyle factors, in their holistic nourishment programs, to optimize the 23 hours clients are not inside of the gym. Learn the OPEX Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs) and how to design nourishment programs in The Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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