How CCP Coach Avin Widowati Sees a ROI in Just Four Months with OPEX

How CCP Coach Avin Widowati Sees a ROI in Just Four Months with OPEX

Avin Widowati used to work a corporate job that had her slaving away for 14 hours a day in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“I had no time to myself. I just worked, worked, worked, worked,” Avin explained of her former life. 

Then one day, her husband John Livingstone said, “I think I would rather have you alive than kill yourself working.”

It was an “eye-opening moment,” Avin said of the moment that got her rethinking her lifestyle.

At the same time, after finding CrossFit in 2016, Avin had developed a passion for fitness, which had her going to the gym at 5:45 a.m. before her crazy long workdays.

She was passionate enough about fitness that she decided to take a chance, quit her corporate job, and become a coach in 2018. 

She started with the ISSA Personal Trainer Certification and then did her CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2. 

As he watched his wife make the transition from corporate life to coaching, it started to light a fire within John to do the same.

“I'd always continued to read (about) the science of training methods and different approaches, and as Avin (Avin) and I researched courses to help her develop as a coach I thought it looked like OPEX could really give me all the knowledge I'd been chasing,” John said.

Avin agreed. The more she dug into coaching, the more she started to see the power of individual program design.

“With one-on-one clients, I can really give my full attention and give a better service. When I was coaching in a group setting, it was more tiring. It was a lot of people to pay attention to, and I was always having to speak louder to control the class. It was very tiring,” she said. 

So both she and John enrolled in and completed the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) last year. At the time, Avin had just a handful of personal training clients. 

One year later: It took Avin just four months to get her return on investment from the CCP, and today she has 10 personal training clients and 15 individual design clients she works with remotely. For now, 25 clients is exactly where she wants to be, as she’s also currently taking a pre and post-natal training course—her number one passion. 

Not only has the CCP helped put her on a path to becoming a professional coach, it has also allowed her to finally live a healthy lifestyle that allows her to prioritize her needs as well.

“I am all about routine. Now, I’m always asleep by 8 p.m. I wake up at 4:30 a.m. Dinner at 6 p.m. I love routine,” she said. 

As for John, he’s still working a full-time career in the oil and gas industry, but he’s also working with a handful of clients on the side and credits the CCP for providing the tools to service them as best as he can.

“The entire (OPEX) process from introduction and assessment, through transition to program design, delivery, monitoring and progressing is neatly packaged in nicely branded components, not only for exercise but for nutrition and lifestyle, too. It tied a lot of knowledge together and linked many of the pieces I couldn't through my own research,” he said. 

John added:  “When I look at (Avin’s) results and (the results) my limited clients are getting now, how we communicate with them, the enjoyment they get from the process and the impact it has on their lives, in comparison to pre-CCP, I'd say it is night and day. It looks expensive, (and) the case studies are serious work, but the knowledge and experience you get will transform how you coach, you'll get ROI in no time.”

The future: Avin, along with John, intends to continue to expand their coaching business well into the future, and on a personal level her goal is to help “empower more and more women,” she said. 

And since taking the CCP and learning how to deliver individualized programs “that customize everything based on a person’s capabilities and without sacrificing their other priorities,” she feels more equipped than ever to do just that. 


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