Granite Games Athlete and Coaches Summit

Granite Games Athlete and Coaches Summit

Granite Games, James FitzGerald

8 Performance Indicators of Elite Athletes

Elite athletes are a rare breed. But, James FitzGerald has done the research and there are ways in which you can spot an elite or soon to be an elite athlete. Here are the eight key performance indicators of an elite athlete pulled directly from James’ talk at the Granite Games Athlete and Coaches Summit.

1) An Efficient Mover

In a sport like functional fitness, or even weightlifting, elite athletes have to be efficient movers under heavy load, under fatigue, and under metabolic conditioning.

2) A High Level of Resilience

Elite athletes have to be able to do things well and with the least amount of effort and thinking possible. A very resilient person has a ton of capacity.

3) A Self Pacer

They know when to go [to their] threshold and when to hold back.

4) Good Genetics

You can out-train your genetics, but only up to a certain point.

5) Rhythm

Elite athletes have consistent workouts. They have rhythm in their lifestyle and in their training plan.

6) Proper Sports Intent

Elite athletes have a clear vision and a clear “why” for what they are doing.

7) High Fitness IQ

People with a high fitness IQ are generally very disciplined and incredibly self-aware. They’re able to evaluate themselves on a high level.

8) Extensive Sports Culture Knowledge

Basically, it boils down to knowing the rules, the current state of affairs with sanctioning, knowing the training programs, knowing how to do the qualifiers, what it feels like to create a training program, and how to prepare for a competition.

These eight key performance indicators were pulled directly from James’ latest course, Mixed Modal. Designed specifically for coaches, Mixed Modal is the culmination of James’ career in functional fitness and introduces principles, logic, and order to the competitive arena. Learn everything you need to know about the sport and most importantly how to win at it with Mixed Modal.


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