Finding Fulfillment and Financial Security as an Online Fitness Coach

Finding Fulfillment and Financial Security as an Online Fitness Coach


My name is Erwin Regidor, and I’ve been a fitness coach since 2010. That’s when I left my career in banking behind and, in just a few years, I was the program director and head coach of one of the first CrossFit gyms in Shanghai and mainland China. I spent the next four years evolving in this role and growing the business, but something was still missing—I felt unfulfilled.

In 2017, I took a leap and went completely online as ALFA Coaching. It was scary because I was starting from scratch. Without the salary I once had, I relied on the relationships, rapport, and reputation I had already built. Still, I was worried about making money, finding clients, and navigating the online world.

Luckily, I had already been working on CCP. Through the frameworks of assessment, program design, nutrition, lifestyle/mindset coaching, and some business knowledge, I developed the tools I needed to work 1:1 with my clients.

Then in early 2020 the pandemic hit.

Thankfully, I had been working online for three years, so shifting my clients from the gym to working out at home was a smooth transition, because I already had all these frameworks in place. 2020 ended up being my highest net revenue year, as I was able to retain existing clients and acquire new clients during the pandemic.



CCP really honed my ability to build rapport and relationships through the consultation process. This was a huge piece for me. In my view, the assessment, program design, nutrition, and lifestyle habits are all icing on this cake. CCP has a unique way of developing a coach to look outside of the X' and O's. Overall, this has allowed me to simplify things, really listen to the client, and ultimately implement what they need. I can now reliably create trust and, more importantly, results for my clients.

CCP isn't like any other certification on the market. What you learn from CCP is how to become a total coach.


I now have 30 clients through ALFA Coaching and make a comfortable 6 figure income. This affords me the freedom and flexibility to take an average of five weeks off per year (but I can really take whatever I need now). And, most importantly, my wife and I had a son this year, and I knew that I was in a stable position to welcome him.

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