Fifteen Year Professional Coach Alex Samaniego Credits OPEX for Where he is Today

Fifteen Year Professional Coach Alex Samaniego Credits OPEX for Where he is Today

Will OPEX work in my market?

It’s a common question we field, the assumption among coaches being that people in their city or country won’t pay US$250 or $300 a month for individualized coaching.

Alex Samaniego, a long-time coach out of Mexico, is proof that it can work outside of just affluent American cities. 

When he first started coaching, Samaniego, an OPEX CCP coach, admits he wasn’t sure it would ever be possible to become a professional career coach, but 15 years later he’s an individual design remote coach with two coaches working for him, a career he said: “provides me financial stability and fulfillment.” 

Today, Samaniego and his two other coaches take care of 120 clients hailing from Mexico, the United States, and Canada, 80 percent of whom are from Mexico.

The biggest key to his success, he said, has hands down been the OPEX influence.

“The biggest impact has come from learning under OPEX and James FitzGerald, who taught me a lot and not just about fitness, but more about being a professional coach and how to create a business,” Samaniego said. “(It’s) something that I feel a lot of coaching education, whether it’s through college or courses and certifications, don’t really teach you much about.”

He added: “While I loved all the science and teaching OPEX does, the main thing I have taken away was the knowledge to set-up a blueprint for a successful career as a professional coach, something that seemed almost impossible prior to OPEX.”

Samaniego listed tools like learning how to set boundaries with his time and schedule, as well as identifying your purpose, your ideal client, and your ideal market, as examples of business teachings he learned from OPEX that have helped him to flourish today, six years into transitioning to becoming an OPEX coach. 

Another part of it was how OPEX helped him “see the value in my coaching service (goes) far beyond the whiteboard and (is more about) the relationship with the client (and) the quality and consistency of coaching I deliver on a daily basis,” he said. This is ultimately what has allowed him to “have a stable income without burning out.”

Samaniego added: “The things I learned from CCP continue to help me in shaping my business (today) and (give me) an income that allows me to have a quality life balance.”

Fifteen years into his coaching career, Samaniego’s career is on track largely because of OPEX, which is why he recommends anyone looking to become a full-time career coach to start with the OPEX CCP.

“It’s really the full package to make a career out of coaching. The easy-to-sell part is the knowledge and science…but a lot of times people don’t see the other not-so-tangible stuff a course can offer, which is the guidance and teachings on how to lay a plan for a successful career,” Samaniego said.

And this is exactly what makes the CCP “a game-changer,” he said. 


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