Corrin Lemieux: CrossFit Athlete and Certified Badass

Corrin Lemieux: CrossFit Athlete and Certified Badass

Corrin Shatters Social Expectations and Rediscovers Herself.

Corrin Lemieux has always defined herself as an athlete. She’s never shied away from competitive athletics, in fact, she’s always excelled at it. Whether it was softball or gymnastics, Corrin always found a way to prove her athletic ability in her youth. However, life happened and Corrin slowly felt her fitness drift away from her as she became the mother and wife figure society expected her to become. However, all that changed when she discovered CrossFit in 2012.

“I jumped into it without knowing about it, but I fell in love with it on the first day. I fell in love with Crossfit because of its unpredictability. As I was getting into it, I thought it was just fitness but it turned out to be a sport.”

Like so many other masters athletes, CrossFit helped Corrin reconnect with her youth in an unexpected way. For the first time in a long while, Corrin felt more connected to her youthful passions and rediscovered her love of competition. Not only that, much of Corrin’s athletic past translated quite well into the intensity and skill that CrossFit demanded. Due to her innate talent, Corrin was able to qualify for Regionals within 6 months of first starting the sport. Something completely unheard of in much of the CrossFit community.

Perhaps the biggest change for her came from the Individual nature of the Sport of Fitness. Having competed as a team in sports for much of her youth, the sudden pivot made her feel inadequate and unworthy of standing on the podium, despite her enormous talent.

“Whenever I competed, even in CrossFit, it was always as part of a team. I preferred playing as part of a team.”

In order to overcome her phobia of competing alone, Corrin decided to push the envelope by competing as an individual for the first time as the recent Wodapalooza Competition in Florida this past year. She’s also been working with our very own Director of Remote Coaching Mike Lee in order to enhance her performance and gain some confidence in her abilities as an individual athlete.

“Before I started being coached by Mike, my training was not producing results. Nothing was changing. So I texted him and asked him to coach me this year and he said ‘let’s go’.”

Corrin has had no regrets in working with Mike Lee these past months in order to prepare for the upcoming qualifier competitions. Mike has not only helped her grow as an athlete but also helped her gain complete mental confidence that she is capable of standing on the podium of the CrossFit Games in the Women’s Individual 35 – 39 category.

“My goal is to give everything I have to training these next few months. Train for me. Train for my family. Train for my gym and the support that we have here. I want to be top three on that stage at the CrossFit Games.”

Corrin Lemieux: CrossFit Masters Athlete and Certified Badass

Fitness means everything to Corrin. It is her identity, and she looks forward to proving that at the 2018 CrossFit Games. She hopes that her determination to reach her goals will help teach her children that they should fully pursue their dreams, whatever they may be. We wish Corrin Lemieux and countless other of our masters athletes luck during the CrossFit Age Group Online Qualifiers this weekend. Onward and upward!

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