Congratulations to Sam Smith on OPEX Remote Coaching Ownership

Congratulations to Sam Smith on OPEX Remote Coaching Ownership

The OPEX team is excited to congratulate Sam Smith on his purchasing ownership stake of OPEX Remote Coaching. 

Founded 20 years ago, the remote coaching company started by James FitzGerald has evolved through numerous iterations into the leading service that it is today, and are excited for Sam, a long-term member of the OPEX RC team invested as an owner of OPEX RC. 

The decision to bring Sam on was made with confidence and we are thrilled to see a CCP Coach ascend to this leadership role. 

With remote coaching in the highly capable hands of Sam, OPEX is able to focus all attention towards continuing to develop high quality education through OPEX CCP and LearnRx, as well as lead the market with our world class fitness coaching software  CoachRx

As an OPEX RC head coach, Sam has worked relentlessly over the past 5 years, and has earned the opportunity to step into the role of visionary and leader. Sam is unmatched in his commitment to providing a leading coaching service and in the role of owner, will drive forward new and innovative ways for the OPEX RC team to provide fitness coaching in an online setting. 

“I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. I’m excited to help support our team and company in a new way as we continue to build ourselves into the preeminent remote fitness coaching company in the market.” - Sam Smith

We wish Sam and the OPEX RC team a huge congratulations on this step. It has been a pleasure to watch Sam move through the coach lifecycle from a highly successful full-time coach into the role of owner.

In case you missed it, we recently shared this interview with Sam on finding work/life balance. He’s got brilliant advice to offer, so give it a read.  

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