Confident Coaches Are Successful

Confident Coaches Are Successful

10 Minutes of Fitness With James FitzGerald: Confident Coaches

In this weeks 10 Minutes of Fitness James FitzGerald and Micheal Pilhofer discuss why new coaches need to be confident.

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Confident Coaches Are Successful

It is not always easy to be confident as a new coach (especially without a proper education). And the kicker, clients can sense when a coach is not. But the only way to build confidence is by soldering on and practicing. James advises coaches who are not confident in their abilities to “not judge themselves with whatever direction the coaching relationship takes”. Every coach-client relationship is unique and will only add to a coach’s skills over time.

How to Build Confidence

The key to building your confidence as a coach is to focus on your competency. Study your craft and take every opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients and create well-crafted programs specifically for their needs. “Just be yourself and build the best [coaching] relationships possible and the confidence will come”, said James.  

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