Cody Loeffler: Putting the Client First With OPEX

Cody Loeffler: Putting the Client First With OPEX

Cody Loeffler and OPEX Upper Main Line: Putting The Client First With OPEX

Cody Loeffler, a 2013 and 2014 CrossFit Games athlete, knew right away there was something different about James FitzGerald.

In 2014, Loeffler was drafted to the Phoenix Rise—a functional fitness team that was part of the National Pro Grid League—and spent the summer in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he was coached by FitzGerald. 

“It flipped my world around from what I thought I knew about fitness,” said 31-year-old Loeffler, who was “neck-deep” in coaching CrossFit at the time. 

He added: “I had had a lot of good CrossFit coaches over the years, but there was something about James’ allure and the abundance of information he had about training athletes and non-athletes. …Like lots of people, I felt an instant connection with James’ personality and his philosophies.”

Becoming More Involved With OPEX

Loeffler knew becoming more involved with OPEX would not only help him as an athlete, but would also help him become a way better coach to his clients, he explained. 

So he took his OPEX Coach Certificate Program (CCP) and in January 2017, Loeffler opened OPEX Upper Main Line in the suburbs of Philadelphia and hasn’t looked back. 

He said he’s incredibly proud to be an OPEX Gym for one major reason: A chance to deliver the best possible service to his clients in a way he has never seen in the fitness industry before. 

“Being an OPEX Gym means we offer a premium service that we can deliver efficiently to our clients, who get short and long-term results. It’s affordable for them, so this means we can have a relationship over a long period of time,” he said. Learn the basics of the OPEX Gym model for free here.

A Better Business Model

The model comes from “marrying different pieces of the puzzle” to create a more affordable and effective way of doing things than the traditional personal training model, he explained. Learn the 5 steps to building a sustainable coaching business here.

“We have taken the idea of personal training and have evolved it, or repackaged it, in a way that we can deliver all the individualized components of fitness to get the best results with the most potent formula for getting people fit fast,” he said. “And what sets it apart is that we can now deliver so much more to clients with the lifestyle and nutrition components, and we allow them to come in when it fits their schedule, so it’s a total all-inclusive full-spectrum service that I think is unmatched in the industry.”

He added: “It’s almost like having a coach in your pocket every time you come to the gym.”

And as an added bonus, so to speak, the model also happens to work way better for the owner and the coach.

“Coaches can finally have a sustainable profession where they hone their craft. I have a head coach who I pay a hefty salary, and he’s got balance in his life. He doesn’t work every single weekend, he doesn’t close every night and open every morning,” he said. “It’s a better lifestyle for the coach.”

And the business owner can “stop wearing all the hats,” and getting burnt out making no money—like Loeffler experienced when he owned a CrossFit affiliate—and focus on one thing and one thing only: His clients. 

“I have one job: To service people on an individual basis, to build outstanding relationships with them, so I can give them what they need,” he said. 

Creating a sustainable career for yourself in the fitness industry is tough. But, what if you had the skills to build not only a sustainable but a successful coaching business? Get a free introduction to that coaching education, today.


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