Coach Case Study: An Overworked Professional

Coach Case Study: An Overworked Professional

How to Establish a Client’s Personal Accountability

This case study is pulled directly from our weekly coaching calls where OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coaches connect to discuss a specific client and the best means of working with that client. This weekly case study is further education provided to our CCP Coaches aiming to support their development as professional coaches. Join our weekly calls by applying for CCP, today.  

Client Background:

Name: Lauren
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Interaction: Remote
Family: N/A
Job: Business professional
Goals: Regain energy levels
Background: 5 years of training (group classes and a personal trainer)
Challenges: Personal accountability

Initial Background

Lauren is an active business professional with a successful career. However, Lauren’s success comes at a cost. Every day she is worn out and her self-reported energy level is four out of ten. She also suffers from poor gut health as well as hormonal fluctuations. Lauren’s goals are to regain her energy and fix her gut health.

Monthly Consultation Notes

Lauren’s Coach conducts monthly consultations with the hopes of understanding her better. He is using the NEPA framework to guide his consultations and is focusing on what he is noticing. Lauren keeps mentioning that she feels bad that she is not super focused on hitting her macros. She has also said her previous experiences with fitness were not successful because they were not tailored to her. Through their consultations, her coach realized that these statements are Lauren avoiding accountability. This is a manifestation of her lack of personal accountability for herself and her vitality.

Her Coach’s Plan

To develop personal accountability her coach plans to start with prescribing small tasks. The first of which was a recommendation of ten different shades of veggies a day. This was too much at first and was dropped down to eight a day. Through small behavioral changes such as shades per day coupled with regular consultations, Lauren’s coach, plans to build her personal accountability for her fitness.

What Are The Next Steps

Her coach’s long-term plan is to establish personal accountability for her fitness and vitality. He plans to develop Lauren’s personal accountability through their consultations and conversations. The plan is to better understand who Lauren is, her motivations, and self-perception with the long-term goal of building Lauren’s personal accountability for her fitness and vitality.

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