Client Training Program : Vasco Casaca

Client Training Program : Vasco Casaca


Vasco is currently in an intensification phase ahead of an upcoming partner-based fitness competition.

Since starting together we’ve been focusing a lot on increasing his aerobic capacity through paced cyclical, and mixed modality pieces alongside developing his strength-speed and absolute strength concurrently.

As we draw closer to competition we are integrating more sport-specific barbell skill work, such as cycling the barbell in the most efficient way possible as seen in the video below. Through video analysis we’re able to dissect and analyse his performance, providing cues and corrections where necessary.

Vasco is coached by Head Coach Matt Connolly.

A) Barbell Cycling:
Practice for 10:00-15:00
A. Power Clean + Jerk
B. Power Snatch
C. Deadlift
D. Push Jerk

All should be really light, barbell only or a little heavier- focus here is on efficiency of movement and just technical practice. Video 4-5 reps of each movement & I’ll get you a video analysis over.

Done. I’ll send you the video on Saturday

B) Hang Power Snatch:
1,1,1,1; rest 3:00

90, missed 100, did 100, missed 105

C) Front Squat:
Build to a heavy double in 12:00


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