Client Training Program: Patrick Casey

Client Training Program: Patrick Casey


Patrick Casey started training with Head Coach Michael Bann at 14 years old, the end of 8th grade. As an extremely hypermobile athlete, with an inability to stabilize, this lead to sub-optimal movement such as the inability to complete even an air squat or set his back for a deadlift.

Goals are to get more fit for rotational sports such as tennis as well as enjoys playing hockey. Training was set up based on the assessment protocol, to determine what limits his rotational power.  The first step for Patrick is to master the sagittal plane, through not only strength but also quality.  The biggest limiting factor for Patrick are his high school coaches who think “get them stronger” without thought to movement dysfunction.

A) Rotational Medicine  Ball Throw:
5 per side x4; rest as needed

“squish the bug” foot rotation

@30×1; 4-6×4; Rest 2:00

155(6) 165(6) 170(6) 170(6)

C1) DB Incline Bench Press:
@40×1; 4-6×4; Rest 60 seconds

40(4) 40(6) 40(4) 40(4)

C2) Gravitron Pull Up:
@30×1; 2-4×4; Rest 90 seconds

75(4) 75(4) 60(3) 60(3)

D) Suitcase Carry:
25 meters per arm x3; Rest 90 seconds between arms

88 88 88

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