Client Training Program: Gerald David

Client Training Program: Gerald David

When I started working with Gerald back in April, he wasn’t able to hit any reps in his MU tester. At the time, we decided to go after absolute upper body strength and make some fixes in his nutrition. In June, we re-tested, and again, no MU’s. However, he had made significant adjustments in his nutrition and lifestyle, dropping 15 lbs and drastically improving body comp. Strength gains were evident as well, so we decided to go to work on the MU. Plan was simple. We would keep doing what we were doing, continue to get strong and lean, but added MU tech work in a morning aerobic/ non fatigue session for 10 consecutive weeks. Gerald showed great patience in sticking to the plan and trusting the process. Last week, we decided to test again. This was the workout, look at the results!!! Not only was he able to get a total of 10 reps within the 5:00, but he was stringing 2’s and 3’s!!!

Gerald is coached by OPEX HQ Head Coach Henry Torano.

A) 40:00:
0:00-10:00 Smooth Bike
10:00-20:00 MU Drills
20:00-25:00 Smooth Bike
25:00-30:00 MU Drills
30:00- 35:00 Walk Around, FOCUS

35:00- 40:00 AMRAP MU’s 

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