Check In With Your Clients Often

Check In With Your Clients Often

The Business of Fitness Coaching

Connecting with your clients is important to your overall retention as OPEX Fitness CEO Jim Crowell explains:

When you’re thinking about quality of service, you have to think about what exact experience you want your clients to have. If you don’t know what you want them to do, feel, think on a daily basis when their thinking about their training or when they’re doing their workouts in the gym, you won’ t create it. You first have to map out the experience you want.

In terms of how often you want to touch base with your clients, you should touch base with them everyday they’re in the gym. If you don’t say hello, you don’t ask them how they’re doing, if you don’t get some quick story about what’s going on in their life, that’s loss of connection.

You also then have to take a step back on a monthly basis, outside of the gym and have a real conversation with them. How are they doing? How are they feeling? How does training feel? How’s their life? What’s new in their life? How can you help them connect with what they’re doing within their fitness and nutrition so that they can have a better life in and out of the gym.

If you don’t have touch points in the gym, if you don’t have touch points about how their trainings going consistently, and if you don’t have a sit down every once in a while feel as connected to them and they’re not going to feel as connected to you and that’s gonna hurt your retention.

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