Building Culture in a Gym

Building Culture in a Gym

The Business of Fitness Coaching

Building culture in a gym is partially organic, and partially through process and refinement.

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It’s organic in the sense that who you are and the actions you take create it. This implies that if you wish to change your gyms culture, you must first start with your personal behavior. Changing or aligning your actions to reflect your ambitions and aspirations in fitness will create your gyms culture. This has a trickle down effect on everything, even your business’ operation and culture.

However, building a culture is also about process and refinement of business systems. This is created through creating expectations of your staff and their roles as well as defining what the client will experience with your gyms services.

“Remember, first and foremost, organically you have to take actions and you have to work with your staff and coaches and your clients to take actions for the type of culture that you want and intend to have. From a systematic standpoint, you need to build out behaviors for your staffs and you need to build out expectations for your clients so that that culture is exuded in your gym every day. Without that consistency and without that process and behaviors, you won’t actually build a great culture.”

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