Breaking Tradition - Yasmine Hassan

Breaking Tradition - Yasmine Hassan

Yasmine Hassan Breaks New Ground And Helps Women in Saudi Arabia Discover Themselves Through Fitness

For Yasmine Hassan, a native of Saudi Arabia, sports and fitness were not very accessible and women participation in sports was and still is somewhat frowned upon. Much of this has to do around the cultural perception that women should be obedient housewives and daughters without the distraction that comes from ‘personal’ pursuits. However, Yasmine Hassan is slowly changing the perception around women’s involvement in sports and encouraging women to overcome social conformity and embrace their individuality through fitness.

Yasmine Hassan’s passion for fitness started at a very young age. She discovered CrossFit methodology in 2012. However at the time there were no CrossFit gyms in Saudi Arabia for women and she had to fly out of her country to learn all she could about CrossFit. When the first CrossFit Level 1 Certification was offered in Dubai she became the very first female CrossFit Level 1 trainer in all of Saudi Arabia.

Despite this huge accomplishment, she still felt that her education and experience wasn’t helping her improve the lives of her clientele. Personal research finally led her to the OPEX Fitness website and the OPEX Coaching Certificate Course. Through this educational course Yasmine learned how to evaluate clients on an individual level and apply her understanding of fitness and training to each individual in unique ways.

Through this new foundation of knowledge the OPEX Coaching Certificate Course has provided Yasmine with the ability to better help her clients as well as mold the temperament and will of future generations of women in Saudi Arabia.


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