The Best Way to Program Skills

The Best Way to Program Skills

This weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sneak peek, provides James FitzGerald’s answer to the question “What is the best way to implement deliberate practice”. OPEX AMA sessions are exclusive content available to OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coaches, in which FitzGerald answers three questions submitted by our coaches, weekly.

Deliberate Practice

“The best way to program skills is through deliberate practice,” says FitzGerald. Deliberate practice is defined as the act of practicing with an intention that leads to the proper outcomes of the actions in the exercise. To participate in deliberate skill practice the client must have the intention to practice the skills, clients will not consolidate skills as effectively if the practice is nonchalant. That is what differentiates ‘deliberate practice’ if you (the coach) frame the same program with the intention of practicing the skill, and the client embraces it, they will more effectively consolidate that skill than when practiced nonchalantly.

How to Program Deliberate Practice

“I would highly suggest that you write the intention of the workout on every TrueCoach day or on whiteboards because it helps the client know why they are doing those movements,” says FitzGerald. Creating an explanation of the skills will create better muscle coordination in the client over time. Programming deliberate practice isn’t just for athletes, FitzGerald recommends coaches program it for general population clients as well.  “Don’t be afraid to explain the program to the client” mentions FitzGerald “ for example you are doing a lunge movement because it is important for your daily function.” Through explaining the practice the coach gives the client the chance to consolidate the skills more effectively.

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