Is Social Media Slashing Your Progress?

Is Social Media Slashing Your Progress?



We live in a social media driven world.

Gone are the days when Facebook (or if you recall MySpace) was the only platform on the planet.

Now, we’ve got to keep up with our tweets to keep up with on Twitter, our connections to connect with on Google+, creative pics to post Instagram, our network to build on LinkedIn, and, for the young guns, the action to catch for our SnapChat accounts—just to name a few.

The fitness realm in and of itself is filled with high consumers and producers of social media content.

  • PR backsquats boasted on Facebook.
  • Crazy handstand feats and planche holds caught on Insta.
  • Beautifully poised and posed squat snatch catches blowing up the news feed.
  • Rantings and reviews on everything, from the best pre-workout supps to take to thoughts on new workout standards, recovery techniques and the shoe of the moment
  • And, of course, our daily food log in photos.

No it’s not just you.

It’s many of us.

After all, the more Likes, followers, shares or re-posts we get, the better right?

The better for What!?

Sometimes, less is more.

In other words:

How often do you see super stud athletes—Rich Froning, Tiger Woods, Katrin Davidsdottier, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Lebron or Arnold himself, getting the camera ‘just right’ to post and boast their latest feat in the gym to their 5,000 closest friends every single day, or even two to three to five times daily?

Rarely—if ever.


They are busy actually focusing on their progress and training in the gym.

(Sure, you can argue they still do post frequently. After all, many of them do have a social media team or sponsors behind them that expect frequent posts—but, still, even with some professionals aboard, they aren’t ‘Boo-yeahing’ the camera day in and day out with their personal success. If anything, they are sharing more about what’s going on in their lives and inspiration from outside the gym as well).

As you scroll through your never-ending daily news feed, filled with work cubicle updates, re-posted inspiration and shirtless selfies of others living their lives, it can be uber easy to get caught up with the want (and need) to post more frequently about your own amazing life. (Considering Facebook is the “US Weekly” for us average Joes and if we want to be known, heard or seen we’ve gotta stay in the ‘game’).

However, a great question to ask yourself, before hitting the ‘Share’ button on your social media channel is:

Am I focusing on getting more attention, or actually making gains—and perhaps celebrating those gains with others?

In other words: What is my why behind this post?

NO, your posts do not need to be philosophical or works of art in order to make it ‘feed worthy.’

But instead, by simply asking yourself:


  • Am I posting or thinking of a PR I need or want to hit, because I am dependent on recognition or needing approval?
  • Or, am I sharing a remarkable gain or feat I’ve worked hard to accomplish, something that is inspirational or intended to help others?

…You begin to cultivate genuine, connected content.

You may have heard this saying on integrity: “Integrity is doing the right thing—even when no one is watching.”

When it comes to training (and posting on the worldwide web): “Training (that yields progress) is working hard, head down, and remaining focused—even when no one is watching.”

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