4 Reasons Why These Coaches Took CCP

4 Reasons Why These Coaches Took CCP

4 Reasons Why these Coaches Took the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP)

This weekend OPEX Coaches from all over the world converged on OPEX Fitness HQ in Scottsdale, Arizona to participate in a three-day live Immersion. Over three days coaches worked with the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) instructors to hone their skills in the five pillars of professional coaching: the business of coaching, consultation, assessment, program design, and nourishment. 

(Resource: Get a free introduction to the five pillars of professional coaching here.)

The Immersion was filled with a lot of learning and networking with the goal of positively impacting every coach’s career and elaborating on the knowledge inside of CCP. Here’s what four attendees had to say about CCP:

1) CCP Made Me a Better Listener

“[OPEX CCP] has made me a better person. Working with clients is something I take very seriously and during CCP I have become a better listener. I can now understand my clients’ wants and needs better. OPEX Fitness has dramatically shaped how I view fitness and in my opinion, when it comes to the quality of education it [OPEX CCP] takes the cake.”   Mitchell Walker, South Bend, Indiana

2) I Finally Have a Structure

“Put simply, CCP has finally given me a structure. It’s so simple, but no one has ever explained it to me in this way. I now know how to work with clients from start to finish and I no longer have to guess”.
Marc Tretter, Vienna, Austria

3) I Can Now Work With Any Client

“I used to be a personal trainer. I was told to work with clients for 60 minutes and just make them feel good with no goal in mind. That wasn’t for me. I have taken many strength courses before but none have taught me how to actually start working with clients until CCP. Now I know how to conduct an assessment, meet clients where they are at, and create specific programming to help them reach their goals.” Matthijs Van’t Erve, Amsterdam, Netherlands

4) CCP Gave Me a Road Map to Follow

“CCP was the first program that gave me a 5000-foot view of the coaching profession. I have other training certifications but OPEX has given me a system to work with a client allowing me to plug and play my other strengths when needed. Ultimately it gave me confidence, I used to get uncomfortable when clients would get outside of the situations I knew. But now I have a road map for coaching and I can work with any client.” Greg Amorelli, Eugene, Oregon

The Future of Fitness Coaching

CCP represents the future of fitness coaching. During the five modules, coaches will learn every skill needed to begin coaching clients immediately, ranging from business skills to specific program design strategies. 

Imagine being able to work with any client that walks through your doors. Make that dream a reality and download this free Professional Coaching Blueprint.


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