Athletic Bodybuilding: 3 Reasons You Need It

Athletic Bodybuilding: 3 Reasons You Need It

Bodybuilding builds the base of support needed for functional fitness

How Athletic Bodybuilding Prepares You For Sport

Functional fitness and bodybuilding are often described as two ends to a spectrum, but their relationship is more symbiotic than one might think. OPEX COO, Carl Hardwick, sat down with Athlete Daily to discuss the three reasons your athletes should prepare for the future — with bodybuilding.  

Bodybuilding Builds a Base of Contractions

When you go back and look at the athletes that are healthy and successful, they all have one thing in common: a good base of support. An athlete has to do a million reps of strict pull-ups before they can even attempt a muscle-up. The biggest thing most athletes are missing is a base of support, and bodybuilding is the answer.

Bodybuilding Develops Motor Control

Most athletes didn’t spend their formative years immersed in weightlifting or gymnastics. Yet they often skip the steps that build motor control and jump right into those dynamic movements. This is the exact opposite of what ideal athlete development looks like. Athletes need to take a step back and focus on bodybuilding, as it develops the movement patterns necessary for dynamic contractions in a safe way.

Athletes Will Look Better Naked

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look better naked? Tell your athletes that they’ll look better naked and they’re sure to be on board.

Athletes do not become podium contenders overnight. They need a solid base of contractions before they can compete at the highest level, and bodybuilding is the best tool for the job. James FitzGerald’s latest course, Mixed Modal, contains a whole chapter on athletic development that teaches coaches how to build the base of support needed for podium-caliber athletes.

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