3 Clients Fitness Coaches Will See in the New Year

3 Clients Fitness Coaches Will See in the New Year

How to Coach New Years CLients

After the new year, gyms are flooded with new clients. Here are the three types of new clients you are likely to see and how you can prepare for them.

Sam “The Professional”

Age: 40-50s

Family: Married with kids

Job: Business professional

Goals: Get back in shape, prioritize self more, move without pain

Motivation: Health was slipping, wants to be around for kids/grandkids  

Background: Played sports in high school/college, dabbled in fitness — nothing prolonged

Challenges: Consistency

Sam realized during the holiday season that his health was getting out of hand. He wants to get back to his collegiate level of fitness. A hard work ethic is Sam’s strong suit, but he struggles to be consistent as he tends to prioritize work and family. To succeed with Sam, a coach needs to align Sam’s values outside of the gym with his program. Develop the ability to understand your client’s values and create a program that aligns to them with this Professional Coaching Blueprint.

Patricia “The Young at Heart”

Age: 30-40

Family: Single or Family ≥ 4

Job: Stay at home parent, part-time, or works freelance  

Goals: Look better naked, maintain energy and movement into retirement

Motivation: Lost touch with fitness

Background: Casual fitness enthusiast, always been fit, good genetics

Challenges: Patience

Patricia has always participated in casual fitness, whether it be walking clubs, pilates, or spin classes. Last year she started losing a grasp on her fitness, and her resolution is to change that. Working with her will be easy as she is self-motivated. Patricia’s main challenge is patience as she is high-energy, and tends to follow the latest fitness trends. Learn how to create a sustainable progression for Patricia in this free, course.

Duke “The Weekend Warrior”

Age: Late 20s – Early 40s

Family: Single

Job: Part-time business professional part-time to support athletic goals  

Goals: To crush it in competition, place at a local or regional event

Background: Athletics through high school/college, gym rat in younger years, 3-4 years of group classes

Motivation: Become a functional fitness champion

Challenges: Burnout and overtraining

This is Duke’s year! He got himself a new lifting belt for Christmas and is ready to crush it. While Duke is very motivated he struggles with overtraining. Working a part-time job and being an athlete requires a lot of energy, hence the four cups of coffee a day he consumes. To succeed with Duke a coach will need to balance his eagerness to train with his need for recovery. Learn how to create a balanced lifestyle for your clients with the Professional Coaching Blueprint.

Whether you are a seasoned coach or are transitioning to full-time coach, the best investment you can make this new year is an investment in yourself. The OPEX System of Coaching is a proven method for how to analyze your clients and create holistic training programs that serve them in and out of the gym. In the Coach’s Toolkit, you will walk away understanding the most effective system for personalized fitness and begin implementing it into your own practice. Learn how to work with a multitude of clients and get introduced to the OPEX System of Coaching with the free Professional Coaching Blueprint.

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