20 Years of Honoring Fitness

20 Years of Honoring Fitness

James FitzGerald and OPEX Fitness Celebrate 20 Years

This year, James FitzGerald and OPEX Fitness are celebrating 20 years of honoring the coach, honoring the individual, honoring the process and honoring fitness. OPEX Founder and industry-leading educator, James FitzGerald, has dedicated his life to bringing honor to the coaching profession. This mission inspired the creation of the OPEX Coaching Education courses and Gyms Licensing Programs, to provide coaches with the tools needed to professionalize their passion.

The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program reflects his 20 plus years of coaching expertise and is set apart by providing comprehensive coaching theory and a practical application of its principles. Each year, OPEX Fitness educates thousands of coaches around the world through a dynamic digital platform and live courses. In early 2019, James achieved another career milestone with the release of Mixed Modal, a groundbreaking course specifically designed to educate coaches on the long-term development of competitive functional fitness athletes.

For the last 20 years, through the OPEX System of Coaching, we have lived by the Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs). These small yet sustainable behaviors are how we balance stress, manage energy, establish rhythm and discover purpose.

Balance: There are 24 hours in a day, apply work and rest appropriately.

Energy: Sleep with the moon, rise with the sun. You can’t cheat biology!

Rhythm: Water, movement, and proper digestion are essential daily routines.

Purpose: You will one day die, get over it and get living!

When honored through consistent daily practices the BLGs have a drastic impact on health and vitality. With every new OPEX CCP Coach comes a gym full of individuals who are seeking to find their Balance, Energy, Rhythm, and Purpose. We invite you to join us in living by the Basic Lifestyle Guidelines for the 20 years to come, and beyond.


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