10 Different Bodyweight Cardio Workouts

10 Different Bodyweight Cardio Workouts

Over the last year how we exercise has changed.

Gyms have opened and closed numerous times forcing us to take our workouts home.

This has presented a new set of challenges. We’ve had to learn how to use our body weight instead of machines and weights.

Further, our cardio has been limited to walking, running, hiking, and using whatever cardio machine we may have at home. 

But while these simple forms of cardio are extremely effective, sometimes it’s nice to add variety with intervals and circuits.

Here are 10 different bodyweight cardio workouts that you can add to your weekly rotation.

10 Bodyweight Cardio Workouts

A Note on Personalization and Pace

Everyone responds differently to the stimulus of exercise. For some, one push-up is a max effort, while for others 20 push-ups are considered a warm up. 

This idea applies to the workouts below—everyone will respond differently to them. For the best results, personalize the exercises, volume, and pace to your ability.

We encourage you to start small and build up. If an exercise is tough, choose something that is easier to complete like an isometric hold. You can learn more about how everyone responds differently to exercise here.

In these workouts, you will see the words “at a sustained pace”. We include them because working out at a sustainable pace is the key to building your cardio. 

While it’s tempting to go fast, we urge you to start these workouts at a pace that you can maintain for all of the rounds. You can read more about why we prefer a sustained pace here.

# 1

4 Sets at a Sustained Pace

5 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 

5 Push-Ups

10 Walking Lunges

50 Single Unders

Rest 5 minutes

# 2

8 Sets at a Sustained Pace

30 seconds High Knees

30 seconds Butt Kickers

Rest 60 seconds

Do You Need A New Workout Plan?

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# 3

2-3 Sets at a Sustained Pace

10 Minute Clock

Run 1 Mile

Burpees in remaining time

Rest 10 minutes

A Note on Running

Running is a skill that needs to be developed. Before you jump right into it, start building time on your feet by going for walks. Then, begin running smaller distances and build up over time. You can learn a specific running progression in this blog.

# 4

15 Minute AMRAP at a Sustained Pace

400m Run

30 Double Unders

20 Walking Lunges

10 Strict Push-Up Burpees


Rest 5 minutes


15 min AMRAP at a Sustained Pace

10 Sit-Ups

20 Air Squats

30 Front Leaning Rest Shoulder Taps

# 5

Each For Time at a Sustained Pace

800m Run

50 Double Unders


Rest 5 min


400m Run

75 Double Unders


Rest 3 minutes


200m Run

100 Double Unders


Rest 5 min

x 3 Sets (from the top)

# 6

30 Minutes AMRAP at a Sustained Pace

20m Bear Crawl

20 Cossack Squats

20 Jumping Jacks

20m Crab Walk

8 Alternating bodyweight Turkish Get Ups

10 Inchworm + Push-Up

# 7

4 Sets

5 min AMRAP at a Sustained Pace

20m High Knees

20m Butt Kickers

20m Karaoke, left and right

20m Jog

Rest 3 minutes

# 8

EMOM 12 Minutes (Every Minute on the Minute)

Minute 1.100m Run

Minute 2. 10 Burpees


EMOM 12 Minutes

Minute 1. 50 Double Unders

Minute 2. 30 sec Mountain Climbers

# 9

5 Rounds at a Sustained Pace

1 Minute Jog

1 Minute Air Squats

1 Minute Jog

1 Minute No Push-Up Burpees

1 Minute Jog

1 Minute Quadruped Crawl

# 10

3 Sets

Every 10 Minutes, complete at a Sustained Pace

200m Run

20 Burpees

400m Run 

10 Burpees

Rest remainder of 10 minutes

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