What is fitness?

Fitness is waking up, falling asleep, and all the moments in between. It’s in everything we do...

...because fitness is everything.


At OPEX, we empower you and your clients to make fitness simple, practical, and intentional. Becoming a fitness coach is a noble pursuit, but it takes determination to be successful. We believe that the health of the world relies on educated fitness coaches.

That’s why we have spent the past two decades raising the confidence and value of coaches by sharing our deep knowledge of core principles. We’ve built a system to deliver personalized fitness because, at the end of the day, we’re all doing our part to help everyone reach their ideal version of fitness.

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A love for fitness is no longer enough. You now need a range of tools to set yourself apart as a serious professional in the industry. That’s where we come in. Discover how our unique approach to fitness can help you design and deliver intention-based, results-driven, personalized experiences that will lead to lifelong clients.

Fitness is more than a trend, a shortcut, or even a punishment—it’s a way of life. Through our immersive Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) and our additional education materials, we give you what you need to help your clients realize that.


See what OPEX FITNESS is all about, and how we will help you help others live larger lives.


We all come to fitness from different places. Wherever your fitness journey began, you have reached a critical turning point—you’ve realized that the status quo just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Your “aha!” moment led you on a search for something better, something truer, something more fundamental. And that search led you to us. But finding OPEX Fitness is just the beginning.

YOUR PATH TO fitness coaching mastery

OPEX Coaching Pathway Chart

We have devoted our lives to helping coaches like you develop a deeper understanding of the principles behind simple, practical, and intentional fitness. With our support, you will continue to evolve as a coach.

Because if there’s one truth to understand about becoming a professional fitness coach, it’s this: There’s no end to the journey. You must embrace the reality that we are all perpetual students of our craft, and that is how we rise to the challenge of bringing a better kind of fitness to our clients.

wherever you are today is perfect. Our passion and purpose is to help you take that next step in your career—whatever that meanS for you.

Start the Coaching Certificate Program

Our Coaching Certificate Program provides deep, individual design program knowledge, implementation tools, and the practical application needed to drive long-term results for your clients.


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LearnRx is our streaming platform for high-quality coaching education. We’ve packaged insightful courses into convenient, digestible videos that you can watch anywhere. Start learning new fitness skills today!


CoachRx Programming Platform

CoachRx is the most advanced new platform for programming workouts. Intuitive interface, in-depth metrics, and great communication tools make it easier than ever to develop the best long-term programs for your clients.