The fitness industry is at a turning point. How people do fitness has altered dramatically due to lockdowns and social distancing.

With this, there’s an increasing demand for the flexibility to train from anywhere.

To adapt and grow as a coach you need to design and deliver fitness programs that get results, independent of access to a gym.

To stand out from every other template and online group class, you must offer personalized and portable training programs tailored to each client’s lifestyle.

Download this guide and accompanying video seminar, and learn six key OPEX program design principles so that you can coach both in-person and online with accuracy and confidence. You’ll also experience the principles in action with a detailed client avatar, including sample program designs.

Download now and learn how to train any client, anywhere.

Program Design to Train Clients Anywhere Download Now

Write Personalized and Portable Training Programs

This download includes:
  • Bonus online coaching video seminar with Sam Smith and Carl Hardwick
  • Six principles to train any client, anywhere
  • Local-remote client avatar using the OPEX Method
  • Sample week of program design

Download this guide now and learn how to train any client, anywhere.