To Be The Best Coach, You Have To See The Big Picture.

Our Fitness Coaching Course is a free course we have developed to help fellow coaches improve their program design skills with a proven methodology. 

So often, we see coaches who are too focused on writing great daily workouts for their clients. What these coaches are missing is the ability to see the big picture—how each workout fits inside their client’s long-term fitness journey.

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This Course Includes:

  • 9 course lessons
  • Simple systems to improve your program design
  • Examples using a real OPEX client
  • 3 free guides to enhance your coaching methods
  • Breakdowns of the OPEX methodology 

What sets fitness professionals apart from amateurs is the ability to create long-term results for their clients. By using a systemized approach to fitness, professional coaches get better results because they have a proven method to collect data and develop holistic, personalized programming.

In this free Fitness Coaching Course, you'll learn this method, the OPEX Method, a process James FitzGerald developed using his 25+ years of coaching experience.

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