This download includes:
  • 16 essential principles of functional bodybuilding
  • The best reps, sets, tempos, movements, and training splits to implement
  • A detailed client avatar, sample programs, and bonus videos
Download the guide now and build confidence, efficiency, and results with your long-term fitness programs.

How to Program Functional Bodybuilding Workouts DOWNLOAD NOW

If you or your clients want to look good, feel great, and increase long-term health, then functional bodybuilding may be the style of training that you’ve been searching for.

However, it’s not quite as simple as mixing power cleans with bicep curls.

Designing functional bodybuilding workouts that get results requires understanding key principles of bodybuilding, energy system training, and functional resistance training.

That’s why we created this FREE guide with bonus videos—to help you write functional bodybuilding workouts with purpose.

You’ll learn how to structure weekly splits and daily training sessions, and see the foundational principles of functional bodybuilding applied to a “look good, feel good” client avatar.

Download the guide now and start designing functional bodybuilding workouts with confidence