What’s Included

Metabolic conditioning workouts are a powerful and popular tool in the fitness industry. But most coaches are using them blindly and without a plan to progress them. To get the best results for your clients you need to learn how to control and progress the stimulus for every metcon you write.

In this free 3-Day Metcon course, you will learn a systematic approach to programming and progressing metcons called the 4 Cs of metabolic conditioning–Cyclical, Circuit, Chipper, and Constant Variance. This framework will give you the ability to control the dose-response of every metcon you program to get the best results for the long-term.

You will also get daily knowledge delivered right to your inbox on the best practices for designing each type of metcon, including sample programs and videos.

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Designing and Progressing Metcons

Designing and Progressing Metcons Sign Up

The 4 Cs of Metabolic Conditioning

In this download you will learn:

  • A framework for progressing metcons for clients of all fitness and skill levels
  • How to ensure your metcons are effective and sustainable
  • Detailed metcon progressions with daily sample programs and videos
  • How to control the stimulus of each metcon for the best results


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