We take a different approach to traditional coaching education, with mentorship that focuses on the coach first. When you start CCP, you’ll be challenged to identify your goals as a coach, what success means to you, and where you want to go in the industry. With this foundation, you’ll gain a roadmap to get there.

CCP provides you with a repeatable and proven system to work with any client, anywhere. You’ll gain the science, principles, and implementation strategies that simplify program design for exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition, with a complete coaching system to wrap your business around. Plus, you’ll learn to use our CoachRx software, ensuring you have a professional platform to deliver fitness that’s efficient and scalable.

With longevity-biased coaching that teaches individuals to become autonomous in their fitness journey, you’ll learn how to deliver sustainable results to your clients while simultaneously building a sustainable career

Fitness for life can only be achieved through education—and that's where OPEX coaches shine.

Effortlessly design and coach tailored programs

for delivering any goal for any client while operating your business using time saving, efficient and scalable systems so you can enjoy the lifestyle and financial freedom you dream of.

Coach any Client to Successess
Coach any client to achieve any fitness goal with confidence
Flexing Arm
Design masterful personalized exercise, lifestyle & nutrition programs that get better results
OPEX Method
Implement the OPEX Method and become more efficient - work smarter, not harder
Phone Email
Piggy Bank
Make a great income as a coach ($100k/year+)
Stand-out from the crowd as an elite professional coach


Sometimes it can feel like you’ve got to be a social media influencer to have a great career as a fitness coach. But the truth is that you don’t need a million followers or TikTok dances to grow the coaching business of your dreams. And that online fitness business guru promising 500 hot leads if you just follow their strategy (and buy their 7-day course)—it sounds too good to be true because it is.

We know that there’s a better, more authentic way to pursue professional fitness coaching because we’ve helped thousands of coaches around the world do so. And at the heart of coaching success is delivering every client you work with an exceptional, high-value coaching service.

In CCP you’ll learn a simple and reliable way to provide the best results to your clients and staying-power for your coaching business. The OPEX method is a systematic approach that provides you with a formula to make fitness coaching simple, practical, and intentional. 

With a repeatable and reliable system, you’ll be able to confidently design smarter exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle programs, all in less time. Your clients will be amazed by their results, and with this raving fanbase, you’ll grow your business in the best way possible—through referrals and a high retention rate. It’s a win for both you and your clients.


CCP Resources Collage
CCP LEARN - Curriculum

GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE TO COACH ANY CLIENT TO ANY GOAL with immediate access to the complete CCP curriculum. Structured video lessons, downloadable textbooks and worksheets provide everything you need to know about programming exercise, nutrition, and behavior, as well as how to build a coaching business.

CCP LEARN - Mentorship

LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS WITH DIRECT ACCESS TO YOUR CCP MENTOR CARL HARDWICK and get the support and feedback you need to succeed. You’ll join live weekly lecture & mentorship calls to review key concepts, ask questions, and join small-group breakouts for program design practice and collaboration with peers. Plus, access chats and forums for questions and connection with our network of pro coaches. The relationships built here last a lifetime and become an invaluable career asset.

CCP LEARN - Case Study

GET PRACTICAL, CONFIDENCE BUILDING EXPERIENCE BEFORE YOU IMPLEMENT YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH PAYING CLIENTS thanks to our practical client case studies which cover everything from problem solving, how and when to make changes to your programming and anything else you can possibly think of when it comes to getting clients the results they expect.


USE PROFESSIONAL TOOLS TO STREAMLINE YOUR COACHING PROCESS with 16 weeks of free access to CoachRx, a coaching software that integrates seamlessly with the OPEX method. Plus, continue your education with 13 months of free LearnRx access so you never stop learning and developing your skill set.


The Coach
Learn the science and principles of assessment, exercise program design, nutrition, and behavior so your coaching knowledge covers all elements of fitness. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your coaching values, and where you can work on yourself in order to better coach your clients.
The Client
Put your expertise into practice using the proven OPEX Method, so you can confidently design personalized exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle programs. Learn a plug-and-play coaching system to enhance your efficiency, with hands-on case study experience.
The Professional
Learn the business skills needed to grow your coaching practice, acquire more clients, make more money, and change more lives through professional fitness coaching.
Click to learn more about the program and get a comprehensive breakdown of what happens when you begin your journey as a CCP Coach.


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An OPEX CCP coach is a trusted fitness advisor and a partner in delivering results to clients. They are often leaders on the front lines, making a real difference in the lives of people in their community. Ultimately, what makes CCP coaches stand out is their ability to meet their clients where they are at regardless of age, training history, lifestyle, or goals, and design a comprehensive personalized fitness program.


When you decide to be a coach, you sign up to be a lifelong learner. We’re committed to your success even after you graduate and our team will remain your go-to for questions as you grow your coaching practice. OPEX coaches never stop growing, with ongoing networking, education and support through specialty courses, forums and even live events. 


If you’re growth-minded, passionate about the power of fitness, and curious to understand the “why” behind program design, then you’re a great candidate for CCP.

  • NASM Certified
  • NSCA Certified
  • OPEX ACSM Certified

I want to be an OPEX Coach, too!

What happens now?

1. You fill out the form below to apply. Follow the steps to book a strategy call and connect with a coaching advisor to ensure CCP is the perfect fit for your coaching goals. Spots are limited so we recommend enrolling today.

2. You get immediate access to begin your pre-course online self-study at your own pace, with direct access to your CCP mentor in the forums.

3. Starting July 11th, you’ll join 8 weeks of live weekly lectures with your CCP mentor, OPEX CEO Carl Hardwick (in case you miss one, they’re recorded!) to reinforce your online learning and participate in practical activities. 

4. You’ll complete your 4-week coaching case study and receive detailed feedback from your mentor.

5. Congratulations, you graduate as an OPEX Coach! But don’t worry, you’ll have access to hundreds of hours of ongoing education so you can continue to learn and grow. 

a letter from your mentor

As a fitness coach, your value is determined by the things you uniquely provide. More specifically, what the market perceives that you uniquely provide. 

Does being a master program designer make you stand out in the market? I ask this question to all new coaches joining CCP.

The answer? 


While many coaches think that yes, program design is their competitive advantage, this is our bias.

The reality is that most people don’t know the difference between a Peloton workout and your expertly-crafted personalized workout.

And it’s not just standing out from other coaches that you have to worry about. The truth is that AI and technology are already able to put together training programs better than 90% of coaches. (I asked chatGPT to write me a 5k row program and it was surprisingly good.)

So where does that leave the coach’s value?

The coach that can’t provide anything more than a training program is obsolete right now.

But there is an opportunity to define your value beyond program design. Along with writing principle-based programs, you need to lean into:

  • True personalization. Use program design as an opportunity to teach your clients, at their level, why they’re doing what they’re doing. Explain how the program connects to their assessment capabilities, goals, and priorities by sharing your thoughts behind the design and build autonomy.
  • Human to human connection and great communication, making every client feel important and valued by overdelivering here.
  • Your system, not only for efficiency but also for its effectiveness. Yes, tech has systems, but it doesn’t always know whether they are good or not. You do know whether or not your systems actually get your clients sustainable, long-term results and you can showcase these results through great testimonials. 

In the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) I will teach you how to write great programs and a system to do so. 

But even more importantly, you’ll learn how to define your value beyond just writing workouts, so you can stand out as a fitness professional with staying power in the industry.

I believe in the power of fitness coaches and the value you provide to every individual you work with. But we can’t remain stagnant and we must be willing to innovate and grow. 

As CCP coaches, together we continue to push the envelope of professional fitness coaching, raising the standard to provide our clients with the exceptional service and the results they deserve.

Each week I meet with my mentorship group of CCP coaches for a live lecture, discussion, and program design practice. At the end of this learning process, I ask each student to “do”, working through real life coaching case studies which I then take great care in reviewing and providing feedback. It’s through this process that I can proudly say our coaches are leaders in the industry.

If you’re willing to take on the responsibility to share the depth of knowledge, professionalism of coaching experience, focus on the long game, and level of care for the coach/client relationship that define the OPEX Coach, then let’s get started.



Carl Sign
Carl Hardwick OPEX CEO

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