OPEX CCP Coach Sean Jones Opens OPEX Healdsburg Gym

OPEX CCP Coach Sean Jones Opens OPEX Healdsburg Gym

OPEX CCP Coach Sean Jones Opens OPEX Healdsburg Gym

“I’ve always been fascinated with physical culture and the bodies ability to do physical things.”

OPEX Fitness coach Sean Jones, Owner of OPEX Healdsburg in California, is looking to change the face of fitness. After following the founder of OPEX, James FitzGerald, he made the switch from group classes to personalized fitness.

Sean began his coaching career over 18 years ago working with cyclists, general fitness clients and doing physical rehabilitation services. He has been involved in sports and fitness his entire life playing Division 1 soccer for Virginia Commonwealth University and then competing in mountain bike and road cycling after completing his undergraduate studies in Psychology. Sean’s passion to learn more about the human body lead him into graduate school to study Exercise Physiology. Despite his immense educational background, Sean felt that the services he was offering to his clients in his group gym were ineffective. He began to lose the passion he had once had for the profession of fitness coaching.  That was until he ran across the OPEX Fitness blog. Sean told us about how transformative it was for him, “it resonated with me because his message about fitness was much deeper than pull ups and reps. It was powerful to hear James’ desire to change the face of fitness, I wanted to be a part of that.”

These unique glimpses into the mind of James FitzGerald pushed Sean to take the next step and enroll in the Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). “What CCP did first and foremost was make me look deeply at what I was currently doing with my clients, make me question myself and dig in to certain realms like the assessment process, how we use the assessment to determine client progress as well as communication and connection with my clients.”

After the successful completion of his CCP Level 1 in 2017, he opened OPEX Healdsburg and transitioned away from a group fitness model of business in order to provide his clients with a service he truly believed in. “The first year for us was ripe with challenges, transitioning the gym from something we weren’t comfortable to something we felt really powerful about. It felt right to us as coaches, we finally felt like we’re offering something that was beneficial to everyone involved. This past year has made me actually enjoy coaching and being a coach again.”

As both an OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach and a OPEX Gym owner, Sean finally feels fully connected to his life’s passion.

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