Three Pillars of Trust; Life Coaching in Charlotte NC

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Three Pillars of Trust; Life Coaching in Charlotte, NC

This past weekend we had a great group of coaches gather in Charlotte, NC for a weekend of digging deeper into what coaching is and what it can be at its best.  One of my favorite parts of the CCP Life Coaching module is when we spend some time discussing how to build trust with clients.  This is a fairly serious subject as trust is a foundational component in the coach-client relationship.  But James and I take a different approach and we have a lot of fun with it.

We get coaches into groups of four and ask them to play with the concepts of the three pillars of trust: reliability, competency and caring.  I use the word “play” here purposefully. You can learn a lot through play–kids learn through play and adults are just bigger versions of them.  We have the coaches play around in a fun setting with the concept of placing things in an order from the highest level to the lowest level.

What happens when you ask coaches to come up with a sequential ordered list?  Debates. Great debates and from that a realization that every single person has a different operational definition of the words they use. From there comes the distinct recognition that each client you come across will also be incredibly different. They will experience fitness differently than you do based on their own definitions, experiences, priorities, forms of communication and life view.  It also teaches coaches to choose their words wisely (competency), be present to what and how they say things to their clients (caring), and to be congruent in their language (reliability).  Most importantly, it provides coaches the awareness that each client will build trust with them in their own way.

Next stop for the Life Coaching module is Sweden in a few weeks where we will dive into this topic, and coaches will learn how a balanced level of trust is imperative for client retention.

Sharon Prete 
CCP Life Coaching Co-Conductor

[tabby title=”Function”]

Function 3/11/15

Rest Day

[tabby title=”Being”]

Being 3/11/15

A. hang snatch build to a tough single in 10mins
21, 15, 9 for time
GHD situp
DB thruster 30/20#
10mins 85% aero
Row 200m
10 box step ups 24/20″
55 DU
10mins Z1 your choice

[tabby title=”Will”]

Will 3/11/15

RTW 45 min  – your choice on movements, all non eccentric and EASY pace

A. SS; 3@75%, 3@77%, 2@80%, 2@82.5%; rest 2-3 min
B. BS – build to ONE heavy set of 5
C. HS walk x 150′ accumualte


100 wall balls – 20#
50 ring dips
100 DU
50 cal row

[tabby title=”She”]

She 3/11/15

A. BS – build to 80% in 5 sets
B. MU; 2,2,2,2; RAN
General, dynamic and specific prep
7 min amrap:
20 DU
15 burpees
10 thruster – 65#
AD cals
KBS – 1.5pd
Fitness Assessments for New Clients