How to Work With Clients With Bad Eating Habits

How to Work With Clients With Bad Eating Habits

James FitzGerald on Coaching Clients With Bad Eating Habits

As coaches, you’ve probably seen it numerous times – clients that continue to hamper their own progress because of their poor eating habits. This can be frustrating, but OPEX Fitness Founder, James FitzGerald, wants you to remember that the goal of nutrition coaching is to develop your client’s autonomy not to reach the short-term goal.

In this week’s episode of 10 Minutes of Fitness James FitzGerald and Michael Philhofer sit down to discuss how to work with clients that have bad eating habits. You can watch the full episode for yourself here. If you are new to OPEX Fitness get an introduction to our coaching methodology here.

Make Sure You Are Attracting The Right Clients

The two start the conversation off with an unlikely subject – marketing. If you’re constantly onboarding clients that have poor diets take a look at the message you are marketing.

“If you’re using a message like are you feeling beat down, is your diet out of hand… then it is no wonder you are seeing a lot of clients that have poor eating habits. That’s why our message at OPEX Gyms is “coaching to help you live a larger life,” says James. 

What is Your Scope of Practice?

James also reiterates that a coach needs to understand their scope of practice. Before you give any nutritional advice understand your scope of practice for where you live and what you can and cannot advise on. 

The Goal Needs to Be Autonomy

While clients can come to you with many goals in mind such as losing extra weight or putting on lean mass James states that the coach’s goal is always to develop autonomy. “You want to get your clients to the point where they realize that food is poor quality and actively avoid it themselves because they want to feel better. Not because you are giving them a pat on the back,” says James. Take the first step to developing your client’s autonomy here.

What Training Should These Clients Do?

When working with clients that have poor diets James says there is one solution to rule them all – weight training. “Notice I said weight training, not glycolytic repeats or long sets of muscle endurance,” highlights James. Weight training is the best solution because it is simple to do, creates a large metabolic response, and will help improve their function in their daily lives. Remember to keep it simple and just focus on variance and resistance. Learn James’ six essential movement patterns here.

As coaches, there will always be clients that are more difficult and more enjoyable to work with than others. But imagine understanding a system of coaching that lets you help both of these clients equally. That is why we have created The OPEX System of Coaching. Learn how to work with both of these clients when you sign up for The Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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