Hire Attitude, Train Skills

Hire Attitude, Train Skills

feb 21

So you want to hire a coach for your gym? First I’d like to ask you this – what is your vision of a coach? What do they mean to you? What is their over-arching purpose? Where does the coach sit in the business model you have created?

We have thousands of coaches that have been inside the OPEX CCP education. With every course I teach comes new coaches with different challenges, stories, dreams, and aspirations. Over time, as we develop the fitness world and it’s service to something MORE than ourselves around us, we have to duplicate to continue moving our system forward.

This duplication requires a loss of oneself in some ways (very hard for ego driven folks as opposed to business driven folks). It requires the SAME LANGUAGE in vertical operations within the facility (very hard to do when you all believe in various things or have varied intentions). It requires the SAME EDUCATION within – so everyone can TRULY believe top to bottom – from what is on the door right down to what is written on the board.

This takes great hiring… which starts with the vision, and ends with the people.



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