Fitbot- How Technology is Changing Coaching

Fitbot- How Technology is Changing Coaching

Fitness like all other things is deeply rooted in communication. This communication has increased tremendously in its efficiency due to the growth in technology.

So it is possible to say that if fitness does not move at the speed of technology it will be left behind.

And in some cases this is correct, in other cases it is not. The human being still takes a certain time to conceive a child, recover from a cut, and even longer now on average (ironically) to get better from a common cold.

The MEASUREMENT of fitness however has to speed up and keep track with technology speed.

This measurement has been seen in numerous circles now, referred to as in other ecosystems as big data, as being vitalistic to the ecosystem.

If you do not measure things, how can they be?

It was only 15 years ago that trainers were still communicating through paper and pen and dial up internet. At the time, writing workouts on paper, with pictures and personal notes, was the highest form of a “personalized” program – custom built.

Today, FitBot is the way trainers communicate with the client, both onsite and remote coaching– it is the medium.

FitBot is the best tool for programming for fitness clients

In the future, an app like FitBot will be the place we go to see our personal vitals, our readiness and our training, food and lifestyle plan for the day – all the while tracking our every move, motion, and work rate. It will also then provide feedback that goes back into the system to build trends and re-upgrade the big data.

The communication in years past as technology grew was personal email, then text, then Skype, then google sheets, then phone…all for one client and one coach.

When FitBot arrived most coaches screamed against the idea for fair of templating and the coach’s nightmare of giving everyone the same workout over and over.

The more it was used, the easier it was to see that all of the communication was in one place. This one place, one platform actually allowed the coach to live a larger life. Now the time they had could be dedicated to learning, creating, moving and teaching instead of only trying to put all these sheets and forms of communication in one place (which was ultimately hampering their creativity and reach)

At some times along the way, solutions are manifested not from the coach BUT the user. This was the case in FitBot, built from a user perspective. Asking the question – while I know this coach and program is so good, why is it so damn hard to make this communication flow?

It did help that FitBot’s owners were fitness users. They could feel the issues at play and simply fixed the problem we as coaches were all having. Funny enough, we as coaches could not see these problems as is most times the case with coaches because we were knee deep in sheets of data and had to get back on the floor to coach.

At OPEX Fitbot is our tool of choice

The training and fitness world was pen and paper. It has moved into bits and bites of information through electronic means.

The computer has now become a tool alongside a GymAware, barbell, HRV measure and PWO shake. The one time fear of generalizing the programming because of efficiency through technology has subsided. Technology is now seen as a place for creativity – a place for the coach to finally do what they wish to do change people’s lives in fitness.

We can now do that through FitBot.

They have played the game, then changed the rules of the game, and now have changed the values of the game.

The future is bright for coaches through FitBot and OPEX as we will change the game.

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