The First Step to Creating Podium Athletes

The First Step to Creating Podium Athletes

The latest course from James FitzGerald, Mixed Modal.

James FitzGerald Breaks Down Athletic Development

Mixed Modal is James FitzGerald’s latest contribution to competitive functional fitness. This course represents the culmination of his knowledge and is a guide for coaches and athletes looking to win.

The first module of the course, Sport, has officially been released. You can watch the introduction video for the course, here.

Inside Sport

Sport dives into functional fitness as a whole while explaining the core concepts and assumptions that Mixed Modal will operate under when referring to functional fitness. The two main topics covered in the Sport chapter are Sport Development and Athletic Development.  

Sport Development

Sport Development outlines the structure of functional fitness as a whole. Following the recent change to the competition structure, FitzGerald suggests new levels of competition organization with the goal of bringing a new structure to this ever-growing sport.

Athletic Development

Mixed Modal provides revolutionary thought in the form of the Athletic Development Blueprint. This blueprint lays out the ideal development for a functional fitness athlete throughout a full lifecycle. The Athletic Development chapter continues into psychosocial development including true development vs compensatory patterns, the pace of learning, and mindset/perception.

You can download the Athletic Development Blueprint for free, here.

Mixed Modal provides thought-provoking concepts along with the practical application needed for coaches and athletes wanting to make their mark in competitive functional fitness. Learn how to create structure out of the chaos with Mixed Modal.

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