Client Training Program: Mikolaj Tarnowski

Client Training Program: Mikolaj Tarnowski

Miko’s training initial training focus has been on addressing some underlying structural issues that led to a minor back injury earlier in the year. As these continue to improve we’re starting to incorporate more barbell work and technique focus into his training.

Here he is hitting a heavy single jerk at his previous 1RM [150kg/330lb] after spending some time on banded split stance pallof press to overhead, having already progressed from perform these in a supine, tall kneeling and half kneeling position over previous weeks.

I’ve found that this kind of anti-rotation/anti-extension work used as a primer for split jerks serves to assist in re-enforcing correct bracing both in the dip/drive phase and the receive position.

Miko is coached by OPEX HQ Head Coach Matt Connolly.

A) Split Stance Pallof Press:
@2222; 4-6×3; rest 60s

– perform in the split use for your jerk. Use a band tension that is hard to maintain- should be challenging 

Done. More challenging than I thought.

B) Split Jerk:
Every 90s for 8 sets- 1 Rep

-start around 65% and aim to add weight every other set- no misses. 
– video final 2 reps from side.


C) Hang Clean:
Every 90s for 7 sets

2 reps @ 100kg

Quite Easy

D) Sorenson Hold:
30s hold; rest 30s x4

Done. Quite easy. I think 45s will be better.

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