Can Anyone Be A Fitness Coach?

Can Anyone Be A Fitness Coach?

Can anyone be a Fitness Coach with James FitzGerald

Recently James FitzGerald, the founder of OPEX Fitness, was a guest on the Juan 101 Podcast hosted by Juan Guadarrama. During the podcast, the two talked about how James first got into fitness, if anyone can be a fitness coach, and the difference between training and working out. Listen to the full episode for yourself here

How James First Got Into Fitness

Originally James was exposed to fitness as a young Candian who played a lot of sports growing up. His specialty was soccer and it was not until he got injured and was forced to give it up did he discover ‘training’ by its conventional definition. 

“Originally I started with absolute strength work, basically bodybuilding. It was all I knew and since I was using it as rehab and seeing great results from it I fell in love,” says James. It wasn’t until he began studying at the university level that he was exposed to coaching and was able to directly practice what he learned in the classroom on the floor of the strength and conditioning room.

Can Anyone Be a Fitness Coach 

Later in the podcast, Jaun asks James if anyone can be a fitness coach. “Well I believe that if you looked closely at fitness coaches there are probably DNA snips with strengths in communication and empathy” answers James. 

James explains that good fitness coaching is just as much about being a good communicator as it is about exercise. Learn how you can improve your communication skills in this free download.

What Is The Difference Between Working Out and Training

Towards the end of the podcast, the duo talks about the difference between working out and training. This is something that James feels very passionate about. “Regardless of what you call it, we have gotten to a point where exercise is a fix. When in fact the goal should be to turn exercise and movement into a lifestyle. Why? Because as humans we can and because we enjoy it, not because we need to.” adds James. “And since we’ve gotten to the point where it is not a part of our daily lives we need coaches to guide us.”

James has been a fitness coach his whole life. When Juan asked him about other professions James quickly answers that he has only ever been a fitness coach. 

Through his 25+ years of experience, James recognizes what it takes to be a professional fitness coach and is passing it on via the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). Get an introduction to our coaching education today and sign up for the Free Coach’s Toolkit and become the coach your clients need.

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